Ethan Hawke plays two roles in action movies in the Zero and One trailers

Ethan Hawke is one of the great actors.In an action thriller movie Zero and oneIt takes time for an actor like Hawk to stop playing two different characters.

Here is an overview Zero and one:

Ethan Hawke (Training day) And director Abel Ferrara (Bad LieutenantJoin forces for this gritty and tense political thriller set on one deadly night in Rome. Soldier JJ (Hawk), who was called to the city to stop an imminent terror bombing, news of his imprisoned rebel brother, Justin (Hawk), who has the knowledge to stop the attack. Is desperately seeking. Navigating the dark streets of the capital, JJ competes for a series of sinister encounters, hoping to prevent the Vatican from being blown away little by little.

This movie is Christina Kiriac (Siberia, Tom Maso), And Valerio Mastandrea (Totally stranger, get on).

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A longtime director, Abel Ferrara is known for his storytelling and gritty nature in action films.Camera work on Zero and one This would be interesting as it focuses on Ethan Hawke’s performance, as it looks more grainy than his usual movie.

Nevertheless, he is the darling of the festival circuit with some people enjoying his last movie Siberia.. As for Hawk, he has recently performed great. Tesla, Cut throat city, In the voice of Netflix Guilty, And in the future Black phone..He’s a great character actor, so we look forward to him playing the very opposite twins. Zero and one..

Zero and one Will be available on November 19th in some theaters, Apple TV, and online rental services. Blu-ray and DVD will be released on January 4th next year.

See the trailer and poster below. Please tell me what you think about them.

Zero and One poster

sauce: Lionsgate

Ethan Hawke plays two roles in action movies in the Zero and One trailers

https://lrmonline.com/news/zeros-and-ones-trailer-has-ethan-hawke-playing-two-roles-in-action-film/ Ethan Hawke plays two roles in action movies in the Zero and One trailers

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