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Ethan Page is expected to finish impact wrestling and sign elsewhere, and that’s even more true today. That’s because Page is angry with the company when he sees his match. Include Hard to kill Pay-per-view It has been edited.

As he said it (via a wrestling observer) in the Facebook group of major wrestling figures:

I’m going to take a full break from social media. I will continue to be as active as possible in my personal Patreon. Perhaps even in this group, I love the life of figs and everyone. Xoxox. But the man …. smoked last night. I’m very embarrassed by the impact! I lazyly edited that segment last night and made it a joke. I felt that the idea of ​​the same guys fighting each other was comedy enough, and the more serious we took it, the better the reaction. But as I left the company, they lied to my face and did what they wanted all the time. I’m sorry if any of the fans paid for the PPV and felt fooled. I honestly feel that the free version I handed out was made with more love, attention and attention to detail. Sadly, I couldn’t manage the creative or the final product and the editor refused to send it to me in advance …. so I’m surrounded by the family it lives with you I saw it. The high school project-level delivery is plagued by PPV. I hope ppl knows I didn’t edit that hot trash. I actually begged for IMPACT! Please do not put the karate man on TV. I wanted it just for my YouTube channel. But … we don’t write shows. Get the script and do your best. What else do Idk say? The company refuses to respect its talents and fan base on a regular basis. I tried. It can not be helped! life goes on. The door is closed. Now let’s focus on: I hope you are all fine. I love everyone who supported me and helped promote my project. Had it not been for you, there would have been no karate man. I will focus on the good that he brought for my social media and my personal channel. May he be gone and stay alive with the GOOD video edited by the person who created him. It will not be stolen by a greedy company that seeks to harness the efforts and creativity of others. I’m sorry if this becomes very negative. I always know it’s a positive light for fans … but today I need to be honest. I lied. I was hurt. I was despised. And I need a break from it. “

I love Julian

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Ethan Page was angry with the impact in an edited way of his hard-to-kill match Ethan Page was angry with the impact in an edited way of his hard-to-kill match

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