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EUR / AUD forecast for January 26, 2021

Looking at the weekly timeframe chart, we see one big uptrend since 2014, which is one big channel. In that channel, as you can see, the MA200 (purple line) moving average is very important, and as you can see, when the EUR / AUD pair fell, it took some time and quickly returned to the top. MA200. You can also expect the couple to test a psychological level of 1.55,000 and support the bottom trend line.

You can see how strong the bearish trend is and how the EUR / AUD pair is moving in the daily time frame. Below is the blue trendline of the long-term trend from 2014, where a big resistance is expected at 1.55000 before jumping to a higher level. The moving average is above the chart and is currently on the bearish side. In a bullish scenario, you must first break above MA20 and then above MA50 to at least some extent confirm the possibility of a bullish reversal.EUR / AUD, EUR / AUD forecast for January 26, 2021

Within the 4-hour time frame, you can see that a descending channel with a specific pullback is formed within that channel. The EUR / AUD pair has so far outperformed the MA20 and MA50 and is currently testing the MA100. This sequel has been pushed up to MA200 at 1.59000. If the EUR / AUD pair fails and bounces off at MA100, it drops to 1.55000.EUR / AUD, EUR / AUD forecast for January 26, 2021

From today’s news, we can see the following about this couple: Germany’s business sentiment fell to a six-month low in January as the second wave of coronavirus stopped recovering, the results of the Munich Research IFO Institute showed on Monday.

EUR / NZD forecast for January 26, 2021

The January business sentiment index fell more than expected from 92.2 last month to 90.1. Results were predicted to fall moderately to 91.8. The reading was the lowest since July 2020. Companies made the situation worse than last month, and their expectations were even more pessimistic.

Australia’s trade surplus expanded in December, as exports increased monthly as imports declined, according to preliminary estimates by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In the 2020 calendar year, exports were down 7% from 2019 and imports were down 5% compared to last year.

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EUR / AUD forecast for January 26, 2021 EUR / AUD forecast for January 26, 2021

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