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Europcar van telematics and dash cams manage driver health

* Major construction safety equipment providers are enjoying significant benefits from adopting Geotab and SureCam for Europcar long-term rental vans

Safety is a top priority for the BCS Group, which is part of the Barhale Group’s enterprises. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of safety and construction products and services, we have a network of drivers delivering from Midlands and Scottish depots to construction sites throughout the UK. Ensuring the safety of employees and other road users is very important.

The BCS Group, in collaboration with Europcar Vans & Trucks, a division of Europcar Mobility Group UK, has recently been working with Geotab, a world leader in commercial telematics, and SureCam, a dashcam expert, in a selected number of long-term rental vans. Leveraged a partnership with a van rental provider. ..

Nathan Fipps, BCS Group’s fleet supervisor, said: .. “I was thrilled to learn about the partnership between Europcar and Geotab and SureCam, and the opportunity to provide more support to drivers.”

In the first pilot of this technology, 50 Europcar commercial vehicles for long-term rental were equipped with dash cams and telematics. The BCS Group has set up reports to monitor certain high-risk driving behaviors such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and speed violations. Customized reports allow companies to identify “good” and “bad” driver behavior and focus driver training on the individuals who need the most support.

The BCS Group can also edit live device feedback for each vehicle to focus on specific risk areas. For example, set each device to beep if the seat belt is not in use while the ignition is running, or if the engine is idling continuously.

The Driver Safety Scorecard is used to create a customized report that gives the BCS Group an overview of all driver activities. They provide each region of the company with monthly management reports showing the best performing drivers.

“The combination of long-term rental vehicles and integrated technology has been very helpful to the BCS Group in many ways,” continues Nathan Philipps. “Europcar’s long-term rental service means that you can own a fleet that suits your business needs without making the typical financial commitment of leasing, and through the partnership between Geotab and SureCam, usually contracted vehicles. Or benefit from insights that are only accessible on your own vehicle.

“With the introduction of this technology, the BCS Group has enjoyed both driver safety and cost benefits. We have seen significant improvements in driving style, which reduces minor vehicle damage. That means, otherwise, not only will your business costs increase, but your fuel usage will also decrease.

From a driver education perspective, the image quality was so clear that we were able to use the video to support our in-house training program. In addition, at the strategic level, the ability to “test” technology in partnership with Europcar helped us understand how technology can be used in our fleet of vehicles. “

Another advantage of the BCS Group is the ability to manage minor damage costs and claims more efficiently. “Instant alerts combined with video content from the scene of the incident are invaluable,” added Nathan Phipps. “High alerts are checked daily and you can download, save and use video footage to protect yourself from fake insurance claims.”

Europcar van telematics and dash cams manage driver health Europcar van telematics and dash cams manage driver health

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