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European Space Agency (ESA) Highlights 2021 [Video]

The ESA said goodbye in 2021, when it continued to operate in difficult world conditions and once again succeeded in creating some important milestones in the field of European space flight.

As always, the ESA is at the forefront of science, with several scientific missions such as BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter, JUICE and ExoMars on their way to their destination or preparing to fly.of James Webb Space Telescope.. The European Copernicus program continues to be the world’s largest earth observation system, and ESA is preparing more earth observation missions. In 2021, ESA astronaut Tomas Speske performed an alpha mission to the space station, and Matthias Maurer launched a space kiss mission, which continued until 2022.

When I said goodbye to Professor Jan Wörner, the new Secretary welcomed Dr. Josef Aschbacher with the ambition to take command of the ESA and accelerate space utilization in Europe. Meanwhile, the latest Vega rocket flight paved the way for the transition to Vega C, with the launch of the new Ariane 6 Ranch Pad.

European Space Agency (ESA) Highlights 2021 [Video] European Space Agency (ESA) Highlights 2021 [Video]

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