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European stocks show best performance since November

The US stock index soared across the pandemic and reached record highs, but the European stock index was much more chaotic. In addition, they have repeatedly shown serious dips, worried investors. But this week the index seems to end with the highest rise since November. US equities also showed rising expectations for data on non-farm payrolls.

The Stocks Europe 600 Index rose 0.3%, jumping to 410.39 points in total. At the weekly level, it is + 3.8%. This is the highest result since the 5.1% rise on November 13. Most of the country’s individual indexes were calm. For example, Germany’s DAX and the UK’s FTSE 100 were up 0.1% each and leveled off.

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Another big winner was France’s CAC 40, which recorded even greater growth than the Stoxx Europe 500. The French index was 0.9%, just below the full rate of increase. But like Europe, the week was kind to the United States as the major indices are rising.

Nasdaq 100 futures showed growth of about 0.3%. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite set another record on Thursday, supported by a decline in Covid-19 deaths. Further boosting US stock performance is January’s positive employment data. The S & P 500 also broke the record on Thursday, mimicking the Nasdaq.

Wherever you are, the main focus of investors is January US employment data. The most expected number is an increase in employment of about 55,000. However, the labor market is still struggling to recover from the Covid-19 explosion that struck during the winter.

The number of cases and deaths appears to be steadily declining over time, but similar problems are seen in European countries. In short, it was Germany that reported higher-than-expected manufacturing orders in December.

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European stocks show best performance since November European stocks show best performance since November

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