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next Reorganization of departments imposed by the NHL For the shortened 2021 regular season, the path to the post-playoffs is based solely on direct competition with enemies in the division.The reorganization of the region where all Canadian teams move to the North will result in the other three teams The sector is a bit unbalanced in terms of competition..
Of each department Top 4 teams advance to division playoffs, The first seed plays the fourth seed and the second seed plays the third seed. One division has one division playoff champion who will play against another division champion in the Stanley Cup semifinals.

Some divisions have a more even balance of quality throughout, while others are a bit top heavy, giving better teams in those divisions a path with less resistance to the playoffs.

Before dawn, NoVa Caps categorizes each new division and uses to assess the strength of each division team. Goal beyond replacement metric.. In this article, we will look at each team in the West Division’s 2019-20 Regular Season Goal Over Replacement (GAR) and assess the strength of the division. [Statistics courtesy of Evolving Hockey.] Access to analysis of the northern district here..

The West Division is a particularly interesting division. There are two genuine Stanley Cup candidates at the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights, but few others.This is the western ranking ordered by the entire Team GAR during the 2019-20 regular season [Click to Enlarge]..

It’s no wonder Colorado is at the top here, as Colorado had a good regular season last year and was only derailed in the 2020 playoffs due to injuries to Philippe Grubauer, Pavel Francaise and Eric Johnson. is.

Avalanche is one of the strongest performances, even with a stronger goal than a team change, well ahead of Wild, who had the next highest EVOGAR last season. Avalanche has the highest overall GAR in the 2019-20 season NHL, 0.1 GAR above the Boston Bruins.

The West Division has three teams (Colorado, St. Louis, Minnesota) in the top 10 of the NHL’s overall GAR for the 2019-20 regular season. The East District is the only other district with more teams in the Top 10 (Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington).

It will be difficult for Minnesota to make repeat performances in the top 10 GAR seasons across the NHL. Eric Stahl’s departure and replacement at Markus Johansson doesn’t help there. Johansson is a quality player, but now he is vulnerable and will have a hard time performing to the level of Stahl in Minnesota for the past few seasons.

Minnesota also traded Luke Cunnin and Ryan Donato, a solid middle 6 forward for a midling return, and former franchise goalkeeper Devan Dubnick. Both Donato and Dubnick are currently in the division’s rival San Jose. Kevin Fiara needs to play at a high level, and newcomer Kirill Kaprizov needs to enter the Calder Memorial Trophy caliber season to hunt Minnesota.

Las Vegas is an intriguing team. They resigned Robin Lehner’s five-year contract, signed some of the best free agents in the 2020 class at Alex Pietrangero, and then traded Nate Schmidt and Paul Stastony for some salary. Had to pay.

Lehner and Marc-Andre Fleury (pending trades) are one of the NHL’s most formidable goalkeeper tandems, and Vegas is still talented above and below the roster. Dogfights will take place between Las Vegas and Colorado throughout the season and may take place in the playoff division finals.

The top three teams in the division are most likely a combination of Colorado, Vegas and St. Louis. Minnesota, Arizona and San Jose will fight for the fourth and final spot in the division playoffs.

It is unlikely that San Jose will suffer from the quality of its team’s players in the 2021 season: Brent Burns, Logan Couture, Timo Meyer and Eric Carlson. If they can stay healthy, they need to qualify for the Division Playoffs.

Anaheim and Los Angeles could end at the bottom of the West Division’s rankings, based on the quality of the roster and the lack of additional game changes.

Here’s how the western rankings fluctuate based on GAR.

  1. Colorado Avalanche
  2. Vegas Golden Knights
  3. St. Louis blues
  4. San Jose Sharks
  5. Minnesota Wild
  6. Arizona Coyote
  7. Anaheim Ducks
  8. Los Angeles kings

By Justin Trudel

– NHL Sports

Evaluation of the NHL West Division using the Goal (GAR) metric over substitution Evaluation of the NHL West Division using the Goal (GAR) metric over substitution

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