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“Real Deal” Evander Holyfield suffered an embarrassing loss on Saturday after being knocked out by Vitor Belfort in the first round. After the battle was over, Fight Hub Television caught up with the Boxing Hall of Fame, which stated his disapproval of what he considered a “premature stop.” Evander Holyfield “exposed” the fight against Belfort.

But Holyfield was terribly vague about his words, and then echoed and delusional. His former heavyweight world champion said Belfort was “very aggressive” on his outing and “wants to return to the ring” with a former UFC star. It’s unclear if Evander Holyfield can be seen fighting in a square circle again after tonight’s performance.

At the boxing subreddit, martial arts fans have expressed concern after Holyfield’s performance this weekend. A user named Finnsanity7 said: “This guy was a legend. I’m sure he made a lot of money. If it had to exist, this would have been an exhibition. The same goes for Holyfield’s junior Tito Ortiz. But he’s naturally small, has recently had a bad record in the UFC, and was fighting someone of the same age. “

The user continues as follows: “Physiologically, 44 and 58 years old are at very different stages in both bodies. One holds the youth through enhanced pharmacology and the other does the same … many others. There can be no factor in healing by hormones. “

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Evander Holyfield “Delusional Abuse” After Los Leak Evander Holyfield “Delusional Abuse” After Los Leak

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