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Evander Kane admits that he “had” a gambling addiction, but says he never bet on NHL games, especially those he was involved in or joined the team. “I would be exempt from that claim,” Kane told ESPN’s Linda Cohn.

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He was asked directly: Have you ever bet on the NHL? “It’s totally different,” he replied. “Have you ever gambled in any of your games?” He said with confidence. “Have you ever deliberately tried to lose the game?” No, “he laughed a little awkwardly. His claim is to suggest that he did nothing to be accused, and he is confident and reassured to know that he is mistakenly seen as the accused.

Meanwhile, the NHL has provided some pending league news, up-to-date with Kane Saga in it, and according to NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, a report on the situation of Ebander Kane is expected before the start of the training camp. I am. From the sound of the interview, Kane did not discover that he was betting something, and his estranged ex-wife was something incredibly serious hoping he would get into trouble. I fully expect reports, including accusing him of mistakenly.

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“It’s a shame that it happened. It’s a shame that those claims and false claims were made.” Kane said.. “Obviously, when they happened, I quickly understood their size and didn’t know what would happen next.”

Even if Kane is exonerated, there is no doubt that the NHL is watching his situation carefully, as is the shark. Kane admitted that he had gambling problems, but also said he stopped gambling for help. Noting that it is no longer part of his life, he does not want to focus his future on his mistakes from the past.

What about his future, especially with sharks?

“I really didn’t respond,” Kane told Korn when asked if San Jose had any comments on reports that he didn’t want to see many of the members of the current roster come back. “The media does what the media does. Specific members of the media [that] Feeling they have ears in the room or unknown sources make no sense to me. “

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Evander Kane says he is no longer gambling and will not bet on the NHL Evander Kane says he is no longer gambling and will not bet on the NHL

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