EVE Online Heads to macOS

CCP game Announced EVE OnlineA deep and unique player-driven spaceflight MMO game will soon run as a native app on macOS Big Sur.

CCP platform development efforts EVE Online It’s entirely focused on enabling native support for macOS Big Sur and Apple’s powerful graphics processing framework, Metal. Metal-powered by live public testing of native macOS Intel-based clients due out in Q1 2021 EVE Online The experience will be available for Mac in the first half of next year.

EVE Online Is a large multiplayer science fiction game with galactic proportions, where space flight is the path to all commerce, communication and conflict.Tens of thousands of years ahead EVE Online The greatest asset of any pilot is a spacecraft designed to meet specific needs, skills and ambitions. Characterized by a vast player-managed economy EVE Online It provides an immersive, community-driven experience full of adventure, wealth, danger and glory. EVE Online Famous for its scale, complexity, and hugeness, World record breaking In-game battle where thousands of players compete in one star system.

“CCP Games has always endeavored to provide players with the best possible experience.” Said Hilmer Weiger Petrson, CEO of CCP Games. “By deploying EVE Online natively to macOS, we’re continuing that journey to ensure that our definitive sci-fi MMO has a home on the Mac in the distant future.”

“Building natively for macOS Big Sur can further improve the technology foundation for building EVE Online.” Said Svein björn Magnússon,executive producer EVE Online.. “Through Apple’s Metal API and other developer tools, we were able to better utilize system resources to bring beautiful visuals, features, and performance improvements to the Mac. This is a native macOSEVE client. It’s the key to providing an enjoyable gameplay experience. “

EVE Online Players are looking forward to starting a trial of the native macOS client on Intel-based Macs early next year, with support for M1-powered Macs. For more information on how to participate in the public beta EVE Online-Article Before release.

EVE Online can Download for free For more information on the game EVE update..

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EVE Online Heads to macOS

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