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Well, I will go here again. Is it more negative from me, or is it just a fact statement? I don’t really know, but since last night I’ve only found three positive ones. Darlow continues to be in great shape, Matty is involved with little contribution, and Murphy is at least aiming to shoot.

Yes, that’s it, but picking up the bones of what the manager had to say, I might find another one or two that can be optimistic. Wait a minute, I can’t!

When he says this, let’s start before the match:

“We had a bad week, it’s that easy.”

“The disappointment of being beaten with a cup tie still hurts, and I have to say, as I said it ended a disastrous week.”

“The history that surrounds it is sometimes very ridiculous, but that’s what it is in clubs like us.

“But today, a better way to stick to it is to play against a really good Manchester team.”

Well, the performance was slightly better than Brentford, but to be honest, it didn’t get worse. In many respects, there was nothing to lose with this fixture.

Once again, we sat down and were passive, allowing them to dictate completely. It went down 1-0 during the break and gained 12% ownership in the second half. 12% !!! When we were supposed to chase the game.

Let’s take a look at the comments after the match.

“Sure, after a week or so of difficult situations, I got a satisfying performance and attitude towards them.

“I always know that I will play against a world-class team, but the attitude of the players was correct.

“Of course, I was hit by a better team that night, but it was a decent performance and good news.”

I’ve already dealt with “better performance” comments and the attitude wasn’t really bad. It was either not positive or did not suggest doing anything other than limiting damage.

“It’s decent.” Well, if he thinks it’s decent, he just knows what he thinks if we produce a performance that fans think is decent. It wasn’t decent. It was sneaky and ridiculous.

From the moment the team was announced (without Wilson), we never won and we didn’t try it or do anything to entertain or hope for us.

And 90 minutes later, it proved that we all felt contracted again, deceived and discouraged. Well, at least I did it!

“One thing (about the game) that week is that it’s gone.

“”We all had to respond to the criticisms we had.

“”They did as much as they could in difficult situations.

“”We struggled with COVID and everything else. People are recovering and people are suffering from illness. “

“Fabian Schär trains once every five weeks and wanted to play. The attitude of all of them was there.

“Many players are missing.

“I don’t want to make excuses, but I’m struggling for numbers …”

There is no excuse except for the excuse he gives. I think these comments are post-match, but if that was his feeling, how could he motivate the side to produce a performance?

You see, I think it was a man. It’s a city, is that an excuse?

“In that respect, it was very difficult.

“”One of the things I want them to do is roll up their sleeves to recover and give them a try.

“”It’s a very difficult city, but I think their attitude is wonderful. “

I agree to some extent. Their attitude wasn’t bad, but they didn’t because it didn’t seem to me to end up outside of NIL, “Would you like to roll up your sleeves?”

Also, it’s not too long to be able to constantly undermine talented group players and tell them “I have to go again and work harder” next week.

“We handed out the ball in poor areas. If you do it to the top, top teams, you will be punished.

“”We were punished for giving the ball with sloppy possession. “

All of us might have said that and knew he would. What we want to know is why we are constantly “sloppy” letting go of it. Surely it depends on management / coaching and players?

“You accept the mistake. It happens in football, but one of the things you wanted was a reaction from the poor seen in the middle of the week.

“”I am very happy that they have done so. “

No, Steve, you accept the mistake. We don’t, and I’ve always been told that you learn from your mistakes. Obviously we are not, at least he admits that we were poor against Brentford.

If you really create a chance, defend it well, lose and are unlucky, you can only say “satisfied with the reaction”. The reality was that if we didn’t refuse to do anything other than defense, and without Darlow, we would have lost more!

I didn’t bring the tool down, so I’ll tell you that, but in reality, I wasn’t able to get out of 2nd gear as well as 4th gear, and I played against the much better Cityside. They were clearly intended to say energy and stamina for what they consider to be more difficult challenges in the future.

Now, there are many experts who say they didn’t play better football than they did under Rapha. But can you imagine Rafa coming out of the game and Bruce making a joke? Or do you accept these types of performance? No, me too!

Then Bruce says to cap it all, “My mission is to leave Newcastle in the Premier League.. “

What happened to the work in progress? Top ten goals? Or do you want to challenge the cup? Yes, I have not forgotten to surrender in a human home. The city was also in the FA Cup quarterfinals last season.

Take a break for Steve. Still, please resign and take a break. Finally, keep the dinosaur tactics retired. Please!

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Even more annoying Steve Bruce’s comment – ​​how can he say this before and after Manchester’s defeat? | NUFC Blog Even more annoying Steve Bruce’s comment – ​​how can he say this before and after Manchester’s defeat? | NUFC Blog

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