EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter Final 2020 Update

In the last production update of the year, ROCK FISH game Thanks to many supporters of EVERSPACE 2 Thanks for understanding that the launch of the Early Access version on Steam has been postponed to January 2021. The new schedule also allows additional content that can be played at the beginning of Early Access.

The team shared a visual teaser of what the Kickstarter campaign’The Ancients’ Rifts stretch goal brings. EVERSPACE 2.. Early Access does not provide additional end-game sectors that offer even more challenging challenges and high-quality loot, but careful pilots of the mysterious extraterrestrial life known from Star System Union’s predecessors. You can discover ancient ruins.

Concept art overpaint of the ancient ruins of Sephas II, the moon of the gas giant Cephas in the Union System.

The team shared more information about the recently revealed Prescott Starbase in Starsystem Union. EVERSPACE 2.. An independent freelancer runs a very profitable business in high-tech equipment, medical supplies and mining resources in the clouds above the planet Calver, but Outlaw (faction fans remember from the first EVERSPACE installation). ) Is the highest bidder on the Prescott Star Base Black Market, which sells products of questionable origin for high profits. Prescott Starbase will be accessible from the first day of Early Access and will be expanded next year with additional features and new content.

Overpainting Concept Art: Around Prescott Plaza, travelers can delve into the guilty joy of all humans, as well as the aliens you can think of. As a rebellion against the harsh reality of living a harsh life in the demilitarized zone, it dates back to the peace treaty between humans and Ocker known from its predecessors.

further, ROCK FISH game We shared details about the new internal “enemy caster” tool that level and gameplay designers are using to quickly create and test encounters with enemies. With this new tool, teams can create and playtest different scenarios faster, spreading more interesting battles throughout. EVERSPACE 2.. The first two-star system that players experience during Early Access has created over 20 enemy types, and the team will continue to expand this roster over the next 12 months, with planned 6-8. Create a hand-designed star system. In the final game.

Also, due to the high demand from hardcore space simulation fans, the early access version EVERSPACE 2 Launched in January this year, it offers fully configurable HOTAS support and presets for the popular Logitech and Thrustmaster joystick hardware setups. A complete list of hardware supported for Early Access is available on the Kickstarter update.

ROCK FISH game Provides the community with an early survey of development during regular Friday live stream broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube. CEST / 2 pm to 4 pm EDT / 11 am to 1 pm PDT.

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EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter Final 2020 Update

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