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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are now connected by 20 slums each and are being chased by Novak Djokovic at the age of 18. In fact, thanks to his ninth victory at the Australian Open, the number one in the world has significantly narrowed the gap that separates him from his eternal rivals.

A few days ago. In addition to yet another win at Melbourne Park, the 33-year-old Serbian will break the record high in weeks at the top of the ATP rankings. Many tended to believe that 2021 would be a good year to change guards, but the beginning of the season didn’t go that way.

In particular, the blow that Daniil Medvedev received in the final by Noor at Rod Laver Arena was another blow to the ambitions of the next generation. In the course of a recent interview with the portal, Stefanos Tsitsipas analyzed how the Big 3 record is destined to break someday.

Fresh from the Australian Open semi-finals, Greek tennis players believe the sport has a bright future.

Next Generation Tsitsipas

“I think the new generation can do the same,” said Stefanos Tsitsipas.

“I don’t think anyone expected Roger Federer to break Sampras’ record 15 years ago. It’s hard to predict what will happen. For us new generation, in tennis (what) There are many players who can provide (or wonderful). “

According to Tsitsipas, the next generation of players will be able to promote the game to a higher level than Novak Djokovic if they are completely immersed. “If any of us take the sport more seriously, he may also improve Novak Djokovic’s level,” Tsitsipas said.

“I saw (Djokovic) make a big change in 2011, becoming a completely different player, a player that no one can win. He was invincible. I think we can do the same for the new generation. Why? ”Djokovic was sent off in this year’s semi-finals, reflecting his performance at the Australian Open 2021.

During his journey, he recorded an impressive victory over Rafael Nadal. In the match, he returned from the two sets and finally sealed the match in his favor. Stefanos Tsitsipas has announced that it has arrived at the big stage of the 2019 Australian Open. He expelled defending champion Roger Federer in the fourth round.

As a kid, he respected the Swiss ace Roger Federer. Nonetheless, he says he is amazed at what Djokovic has achieved in the last seven to eight years and is making the game more exciting as the years go by.

– Tennis Sports

“Everyone 15 years ago expected to surpass Roger Federer …” says the Top 10. “Everyone 15 years ago expected to surpass Roger Federer …” says the Top 10.

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