Everyone relaxes and a Monster Hunter movie comes to save Christmas

Given that 2020 has passed, we are all a little worried about Christmas. Sony Pictures is aware of that concern and has made the wise decision to release a Monster Hunter movie on Christmas Day, so we really have something to bring us all together with joy and energy. ..

has confirmed a new release date for movies based on action RPG games. Currently, at least in the United States, Monster Hunter will open in theaters and IMAX on December 25th, moving up five days from December 30th, which was teased by the first trailer. Monster Hunter’s release date bounces off quite a bit due to the pandemic, starting on September 4, jumping on April 23, 2021, returning to December 30, and proceeding again to December 25.

Paul WS Anderson’s blockbuster will compete directly with Wonder Woman 1984 and Disney’s soul. Both hit streaming services on the same day. The former is HBO Max and the latter is Disney Plus. If you are in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands, you can catch Monster Hunter from December 3rd. We don’t have specific dates for the UK and Ireland yet, but we’ll let you know.

Monster Hunter’s film continues Anderson’s ongoing collaboration with Milla Jovovich, who starred in all Resident Evil live-action films. Jovovich plays Captain Natalie Art Mace. His military team is stuck in the plane of Monster Hunter. She then pairs with a hunter in space, played by Tony Jaa, hunts monsters and fights the way home for the team. Ron Perlman, famous for Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, will join as Major and Parikos will play an important role.

The latest trailer is:

At least, there’s one valuable gift this Christmas. This is the best adventure game, the best survival game, the best multiplayer game ever.

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