Everything about awakening debris with free fire

Free Fire is like the steroid PUBG Mobile. Each of Free Fire’s 30 unique characters has special abilities that give survivors a combat advantage (except Adam and Eve). The game also features two characters in a special “awakened” state. Kelly “The Swift” and the latest Hayato “Firebrand” Both upgrade the abilities of existing characters.Awakened characters can be unlocked using’Awakening debris‘. Keep in mind that leveling up a character is not the same as waking up. So far, only Kelly and Hayato are awake.

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This state gives the character an additional boost.Kelly’s special ability is she Up to 6% increase in sprinting speed, Awakened Kelly “Swift” has a deadly speed, 7 seconds of sprinting. The first shot to the target deals 110% damage. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.

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How to use shards to awaken your character

Survivors can use the Awakening Shard to awaken Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato “Firebrand”.To unlock the awake state, the survivor is the first Obtain the original characters Kelly and Hayato, reach level 2 and unlock special awakening missions.

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These include missions such as: Achieve a total of 125km of mileage in all modes and team up with friends to complete 15 games. Unlocking the awakened state gives survivors access to stories that include chapters such as sword training, lost cousins, and Hayato’s biomechanical arms.

To awaken the character, the survivors Collect both character fragments and awakening shards Then click the upgrade button to level up your character.The debris “Full of mysterious power, can be used to awaken the character” According to the in-game description. Players must complete all awakening missions before clicking the Awaken button. When you complete a mission, you will be rewarded with 125 fragments for each mission completed. This will allow you to unlock Kelly “Swift” Deluxe Bundle with her special outfit. Equipping the costume will allow her to display special movements on the departure island. This special bundle is combined with awakening pieces to awaken her character.

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