Everything announced during the PDXCon remix

PDXCon Remixed, the online and socially distant version of Paradox Interactive’s annual convention, did not downplay the big announcement. In addition to the first major expansion of Crusader Kings 3 and the long-awaited Victoria 3, we also looked at Prison Architect, the new Empire of Sin, and even the Bullying of the Hearts of Iron IV. This is all that was announced at today’s event.

Victoria 3 announced

Victoria 3, a historical simulation of a grand strategy set in the turbulent century of 1836-1936, was a major act. You can read my full impression, but in short, it looks pretty incredible. Simulating more than a billion individuals across the globe is an era of both industrial and political revolution. New systems such as diplomatic drama and interest groups are designed to shift focus from pure military conquest to areas such as politics and economics. I’m a big fan of the paradox. Even with fierce competition, this is probably the most exciting I’ve been crazy about their new games for years.

Crusader Kings 3 reveals first major expansion

The medieval murder sim (also known as Crusader Kings 3) is also making the first major expansion on the Royal Court. By doubling the mechanics and taste of the RPG, you can listen to petition from vassals and themes, display acquired and forged treasures, and adopt new characters such as: You will be able to hold a courtroom between them. Coat tutor and royal food taster. And the CK3 cultural system will be significantly redesigned to allow you to travel far away in the world to form the Greek-Bengal hybrid society you’ve always dreamed of. Check out my complete impression!

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The empire of sin is also expanding

The Empire of Sin, like Racketeering’s XCOM, also made the first major expansion. Make it Count allows you to add loan sharks and blackmail to the criminal empire, along with five new gangsters and new historical bosses. Meyer Lansky is an economy-focused boss known for cooking several books for the Chicago mob. The Peon he chose, called Fixer, was described as being like Mike Ehrmantraut of Breaking Bad. The person who calls when the problem needs to be resolved is preferably at some discretion. It will be released later this year.

Prison architects are getting better

Prison Architect has also been extended and is probably the most interesting and welcomed to date. With Second Chances, you can ultimately focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment, build a prison aimed at getting prisoners back on track, and prevent prisoners from recidivism as soon as they leave. Lectures and pet therapies with former prisoners are just a few of the tools available for education, stress relief and rehabilitation. Second Chance will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 16th. The switch player will be available on June 29th, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Yes, you can pet your dog.

Soviet Union expires in Hearts of Iron 4

Finally, it was very easy to be bullied about the next expansion of the World War II wargame Hearts of Iron 4. The accompanying content patch has been publicly known as “Barbarossa” for some time. Operation Barbarossa was a spectacular, ultimately destined German attack on Russia in 1941. Release dates and gameplay details haven’t been covered yet, but this is welcome news as the USSR is currently one of the least fleshed out major countries. With HoI4. Watch events such as live multiplayer games and developer panels on Twitch this weekend.


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