Everything you need to know about PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will only be available on November 12th in some countries, such as the United States and Japan, and November 19th in others.

You may eventually want to get your PS5, but you may also be trying to find out what you really expect from your new console. Let’s dig into it.

Everything you need to know about PlayStation 5

# 1: PlayStation 5 design

The PS5 design was already officially announced in early June, but the truth is that it’s quite different from the PS4. After all, Sony has decided to launch not just one PlayStation 5, but two, one is a disk-free PS5 Digital Edition. It’s important to note that both consoles use the same controller, PS5 wireless headset, media remote, and HD camera accessories. The PS5 is basically designed around one huge fan with automatic speed control that optimizes temperature control for a particular game. Learn game patterns and adjust speed to allow as much rotation and cooling as needed while using minimal RPM. Get the job done.

It features a black and white curve design and also has blue highlight lighting.

# 2: New PS5 UI Control Center

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The PlayStation 5 UI is already designed for 4K TV. This is very good. However, there are many changes you need to know.

One of the features we really like is the ability to quickly resume the last game you played. You need to leave the console in rest mode.

You also have quick access to the console control center. All you need to do is press the PlayStation button on your controller.

If you’re wondering about new features, the PS5 comes with a lot of them. The first thing I want to tell you is the card. Cards are just large tiles that appear every time you visit the Control Center during the game. These allow you to interact with the PS5 and each game. From here you can also access new activities. Activities allow you to skip to different levels of the game and access detailed information such as how long it takes to complete that level depending on your progress and performance up to that point.

Within the activity, you can also click on Game Help, a new feature specifically for PS Plus members. With this new feature, you can get tips on what level you are playing and how to complete it. The great news is that you don’t even have to quit the game to see this. You can actually view the videos side by side during playback.

For example, if you want to know more news about the game, go to the Control Center[探索]You can also check the tiles.

Last but not least, the PlayStation Store is no longer another app on the console. Instead, it’s actually built into the PS5 UI. Therefore, browsing the game will be much easier.

# 3: How about PS5 SSD?

There is no doubt that SSDs are the key to improving performance. After all, the high bandwidth doesn’t just make it load faster. So when you’re playing, you get a much better experience. Sony is confident that a custom-designed ultra-fast SSD that can move data at 5.5 GB / s will virtually eliminate load times and stand out from the Xbox series. X. In fact, SSDs custom-built for Sony’s PlayStation 5 are significantly faster than the latest M.2 SSD drives that can be installed in today’s gaming PCs, and PS5 if it offers a clear and noticeable advantage. Is considered a state-of-the-art component of. During the game, it can be a big selling point after the actual game testing is done.

# 4: Backward compatibility with PS4 games

This has always been a major drawback for Sony PlayStation. However, with the new PlayStation 5, there are already nearly 100 PS4 games available on the new console.

# 5: Does PlayStation 5 support 1440p resolution?

As reported after the unit was sold in Japan, Sony most recently confirmed to Italy that the PlayStation 5 does not natively support the 1440p resolution normally found on game monitors, but 1080p. Living room TVs, which tend to only support, do not support or 4k resolution. Well, this means that the PlayStation 5 still works on 1440p monitors, but only that there is no official support for that resolution from Sony. This means that various upscaling or downscaling will occur in the game and will be displayed at that resolution. This can make your game look more blurry due to lack of native support.

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Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 5

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