Everything you need to know about The Amazing World of Gumball!


  • fog! Now that the Xbox Game Pass has been released, is there a good time to learn more about the fantastic world they live in?
  • Besides the adorable witty and stretchy dog ​​go, red and blue, there are some great things to explore in the world of food, sleep and play.
  • Here are some of the things we think you really like …

fog! I’m here just in time for the holidays! Is there a better way to have a festive break than to grab, boke and stretch this fun, whimsical but challenging puzzle game? Thanks to local and online multiplayer, you can even play with your best friend, whether they’re on the couch next to you or miles away.

So what can you expect to find in the wonderful world of fog?? Besides the adorable witty and stretchy dog ​​go, red and blue, there are some great things to explore in the world of food, sleep and play. Here are some of the things we really love …

Wait a minute … what is fog anyway?

Oh yeah, fog! Now, red and blue are adorable double-headed dogs tied with elastic bellies. They share a body, but when you ask us, they have a very different personality.You are blue genius On the other hand, red is InsaneHowever, they both share a love for solving puzzles, barking at birds, and of course eating pizza.

Food World

The world of food is a paradise for fog (and most humans). It’s a place where you’ll never be hungry. It’s not just about eating in this delicious world, but there are plenty of nasty “McClets” to flock and drive away, vegetables to harvest, and “Waller Melons” to water.

Along the way, if you’re a good dog, you’ll meet some of the other food world residents like the adorable Farmers who caress you. You might even dine with an eight-legged chef named Choctopus. Oh, and did we mention the spa? Being a fog is a pretty good life.


Play World is what you get when you combine all the great things about carnival and arcade, and add more quirky colors, magical mini-games, and two. very Excited doggos. Sounds good. If you think an elastic dog without the opposite thumb can’t play mini golf, zorb, or operate a claw machine, you’re wrong!


You see, it’s a train to chase!

Sleep world

As you pass through the sleepy lands of the mattress fort and elastic pillows, you, Red and Blue, come across many dreamlike creatures that need your help to wake up or fall asleep. Let’s do it. sound. Use friendly Globs to illuminate your path and greet Granny Spider as he knits, helping a wise old owl read her book.


I would appreciate it if you could agree. fog! This year may be a whimsical fun that we all need and deserve. These are just a few of the great things you’ll see in the three worlds of the game. Please visit Phoggyverse. Red and blue can’t wait to see you!


Xbox Live




$ 24.99

At PHOGS! You play as a dog duo in a captivating puzzle-filled adventure. Connected with a stretchy belly, you’ll have to bark, bite, and bounce obstacles set in the world of food, sleep, and play themes in co-op or single-player. Find a food world full of delicious treats. From buttered toast to chopped celery … to the river of chocolate! Stroll through the sleep world with teddy bears, cushions and quilts. All of this is wrapped in a pleasant nightlight glow. Fly around Play World’s crazy toy boxes and explore beach amusement parks, retro arcades, and everything in between. Weft! In addition to single-player and shared controller gameplay, Red and Blue, which support local and online co-op play, are always available.

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing World of Phogs!

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