Everything you need to know about the Speed ​​3 Grand Prix

Speed ​​3 Grand Prix is ​​not your typical Grand Prix game. You don’t have to learn all the details to get your F1 car on track. You don’t have to drive responsibly, you need to remember which gears to use in which corners, which tires to use, and when to make a pit stop.

No, the Speed ​​3 Grand Prix is ​​an arcade experience. It has more in common with Burnout 2 than F1 2020, so you can clean up your R & D master plan, shelve team-managed playbooks, and forget about the technical specifications of dozens of cars. Everything happens in orbit.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know about the Speed ​​3 Grand Prix.


First, there are several different ways to customize the racing experience available in the settings.

For example, you can turn the rumble feature on and off. This is enabled by default. Force feedback actually connects to on-screen actions, notifying you when your opponent nudges you from behind, or giving your sight a tactile dimension, so it’s a good idea to leave it alone. A car that explodes against siding.

Next is the minimap. This is a small dynamic map at the bottom left of the screen that shows you where you are on the track and warns you about upcoming corners. Again, this is enabled by default and should only be turned off if you know a track like the back of your hand.

Finally, there is a tilt control. With this setting, you can tilt the switch to steer. This is disabled by default. If you’re playing in portable mode, it’s highly recommended to leave it as it is, as it’s difficult to track actions as the orientation changes constantly.

When it comes to TV mode, it’s a matter of personal taste, but for our money, the thumbstick control option is much more responsive and intuitive.


The Speed ​​3 Grand Prix has three single-player modes: tournaments, quick races, and time trials.

Tournaments are the main campaign mode, where you race on six tracks in a row in the game before repeating the process at the next level until you race 24 times.

Quick race sounds just like that. An instant race on a track selected just for lark.

On the other hand, in a time trial, you race on an empty track to beat your best time. On each lap you can see your ghost from the previous lap. This helps refine the approach.

In each mode, you can select a car. In tournament mode, these are limited to F1 cars: TMTT 73 LX, FRory 992, X XP31 +, GR 9 SE, Bennot 6LS, and McLeerders GS2.

However, there are some unlockable road cars available in other modes such as RoXs DL, Dorel RT3, Mc Red X, Begon A2, Monterolo X2, Grantham C3, Asson CLA and ITAC E9. TWLGHTS3.

They all treat it the same way, so all you have to do is complete the collection and drive the car you like.

Both Quick Race and Time Trial are available as split screen multiplayer modes.


As we have already shown, racing is a simple matter. It’s not easy.

Accelerate with ZR, brake with ZL, and steer with the left stick. In addition, you can change the camera with the R shoulder and look behind with both the L shoulder and the X. That’s a lot of you.

Each race consists of a set number of laps, leaving 7 opponents in your dust. Of course, you can do this by overtaking, but you can also do this by kicking out the car. Move the car little by little to spin off the road and explode into flames.

Not to mention you being taken out, but fortunately it doesn’t take long to get up and run again. The Speed ​​3 Grand Prix is ​​so fast that it can sometimes look like a Mad Max: Fury Road scene. Exploding vehicles are scattered on the road ahead.

You can also chain takedowns, and each time you take down, the total will be reset to zero.

As already mentioned, there are six tracks to race on. A fairly easy course in the UK, clear midnight conditions. United States, cloudy, dirty early morning course. Germany, rainy afternoon forest course. Russia, cloudy course at sunset. A neon spec night course that passes through the streets of Japan. Super speedway, an ultra-straight oval course in clear conditions.

Your main enemy at the Speed ​​3 Grand Prix is ​​the poor light. On cloudy, sunset and night courses, visibility is limited and you have to rely on minimaps more than usual.

Except for drivers who are constantly trying to overtake and / or push you into the lateral line, your other main enemy is the corner of the game. Allow enough time for the hairpin curve to brake straight. Otherwise, you will end up with a fiery wreck.

And that’s all. Please do your best! Click here to check out the game.

Everything You Need to Know About Speed 3 Grand Prix

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