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With a stellar show in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year, the Indian Premier League re-emphasized its image as India’s largest sporting event. BCCI will consider taking the IPL brand to another level as the tournament enters the 14th season.

Therefore, IPL will hold a mega auction prior to the 2021 season. And there’s talk about growing teams in tournaments. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is still on the horizon. Therefore, it is uncertain whether IPL2021 will occur in India. And it also IPL2021 auction..

What is an IPL Mega Auction?

The IPL think tank has decided to hold a mega auction every three years to prevent the team from becoming extremely strong and to build supremacy. There are usually auctions every IPL season, but these are mini auctions. In these auctions, only a few players go under the hammer. The team already has a team and you only need to add or remove a few players.

However, in a mega auction, all players go through the bidding process and the team starts from scratch. This system ensures that all franchises have equal and fair opportunities to build teams. Teams can also bid on the best players in the world. Therefore, these auctions balance power and prevent tournaments from becoming predictable.

At the same time, the IPL boss allowed the team to hold three players before the mega-auction so that the franchise’s brand value would not be hit. There was also a provision for a “Right To Match” card that would allow a team to buy back a player in a bid. The team had two such RTM cards, so the franchise was able to effectively hold a total of five players prior to the mega auction.

With a mega-auction system with full overhaul and retention policy, IPL remains exciting and has an element of continuity. For example, teams like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians already had strong teams and used retention policies to keep their core healthy.

Meanwhile, franchises like Delhi, who couldn’t create a formidable team, used mega auctions to free all players and create a balanced and more efficient team.

Does the IPL 2021 auction have a retention policy?

There is no official statement from BCCI regarding the structure, format and rules of the IPL 2021 auction. I don’t even know when and where this auction will take place. BCCI Top Brass will meet on December 24, 2020. According to media reports, BCCI will decide on an IPL auction at this conference.

Few media portals believe that a franchise can hold up to 3-4 players. In addition, there is a large wallet to buy the rest of the team in the mega auction.

Is there a new team at IPL 2021?

BCCI has been using the eight team formulas at IPL for quite some time. So far, it’s working tremendously. The 8-team system ensures that every team has a solid team. Moreover, no team is vulnerable to paper.

As a result, the IPL tournament has become extremely competitive and exciting. Also, for 8 teams, the schedule runs for about 50 days. This is the maximum period BCCI can squeeze out of the ICC’s event calendar.

If 10 teams are expected at IPL, the strength of the teams may be weakened. Therefore, you may see some weak teams in the tournament. It can also increase the duration of the tournament, making it difficult for foreign players to manage their schedules.

However, BCCI seems to want to increase the number of teams in the tournament. According to media reports, BCCI is considering adding two more teams to the IPL. The Adani Group of Gotham Adani and the RPSG Group of Sanjeve Goenka are good candidates for owning a new franchise.

With the new stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has the potential to become the ninth team in the tournament. This is the largest cricket stadium in the world and could be the home of a new franchise.

IPL reports that there are two groups, and each group has five teams. All teams play the remaining 4 teams in the group twice and each of the 5 teams in the other group once. Therefore, all teams have a total of 13 games. This system guarantees that the IPL period will not exceed 8 weeks.

When to clarify IPL auction 2021

For now, the best thing we can do is connect the dots and guess things. At the BCCI meeting on December 24th, all questions will be answered and you will be sure to know the format of the IPL Mega Auction 2021 and the addition of teams in the tournament.

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