Evil Genius 2: Reveal some vicious tips and tricks for world domination

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Before we start, I would like to say how wonderful it is to see a new army of masterminds join the quest for world domination. Evil Genius 2: World Domination Now available on Xbox Game Pass. Go home and help with the Doomsday Device. You are sure you will find them fun and destructive.

Conquering the world is not easy now. There are good people of all kinds who are trying to stop you, and you know they have a training program to prepare their new hires. So let’s speed you up so you can start opening up your own criminal empire …

Choose your genius

At the start of the campaign, you will face choices: what bad taste do you have? Each genius has its own campaign, but they all prefer different play styles. Maximillian will be a great genius for first-time players, with a focus on bringing in enough money to get everything done.

If you’re interested in meeting enemies head-on on a wall of firepower, former mercenary Red Ivan dominates his hideout with a very literal Iron Fist.

Zarika, on the other hand, prefers the brain to the brain, funding the research department a lot and running through the tech tree. Great for automating Lair’s defenses with a large network of traps.

And finally, lurking in the shadows is Emma, ​​a former spymaster. Emma is trying to trick her enemies into believing that there is no threat … I can’t stop her until it’s too late.

Organize your hideout

Early in the game, there’s a lot to build and not many places to put things. Placing the power plant next to the female hall is perfectly fine, but as it expands, the hideout will need to be reconstructed.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Placing the Vault far from the front door is a great way to protect the benefits you didn’t get. Unquestionable rooms like barracks can go anywhere-and in fact, you can pay to spread the facilities for your minions throughout the hideout. After all, the less time they spend in and out of bed, the more time they spend on work …

In that regard, you can create one large room full of generators, but consider dividing that room into many smaller rooms and hiding them in the entire hideout. All you need is one determined agent with a bomb, and that huge room of valuable items will burn out before you know it. If you want to mitigate the damage that a single wave of agents can do, planning a Lairs room and dividing it into smaller areas is a great way to achieve this.

I can’t see anything here, an officer. Just your average casino.

Investigators sent to your hideout are all looking for the same: Evidence of your wrongdoing. As they enter your hideout, they rampant and perform snapshots of suspicious things. You can kill them, but people become suspicious when their highly trained operatives never report. Dispose of enough agents, and eventually you will find yourself dealing with heavily armed soldiers.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

The casino offers a great solution to this. With enough distractions and deception-trained minions, investigators spend more time there and slowly lose their determination. If you keep them there long enough, they will eventually return home and report their findings: it means you are a perfectly legal casino.

It doesn’t keep them away forever-do nothing-but it stops them sending their more highly trained agents.

Do I have to do everything myself?

Short answer? No.

But let’s face it: you are the only genius here. And yes, that means you are surrounded by Bahoon. Your workers work hard, but they are by nature a credible group and often fall into the pathetic disguise worn by your enemies.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

But you and your Henchman are much more sensitive and don’t fall into such tricks. From time to time, we will scan Lair for suspicious characters, and if found, we will dispatch a Henchman to deal with it.

Of course, in the end, minions will be able to train to do a lot of this, especially if they provide a camera network.

You finally made me fail. So you are. you too. When…

Your minions will do their best to please you, but you may find their morale and sages fall during long hours of work. Your genius can make a very motivational … example … of another minion to get the rest of them back on track. Get ready to handle the body bag.


Minions can die-they can sleep-they decide that this “evil” isn’t for them and can abandon your organization.

Traps are cold, unpleasant machines and have no such weaknesses.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Early traps, such as boxing gloves, are simple, designed with a single purpose in mind. However, as you progress through the tech tree, you will be able to unlock more traps and improve your trap network in every way. Combining traps is a great way to make sure your agents aren’t keeping it alive from your hideout.

Great combo to get started: Fan traps blow agents over long distances, triggering other traps hit along the way. Combine this with a series of boxing gloves for a catastrophic one-to-two. (-3, 4, 5, 6)punch.

Is it hot here?

Justice never sleeps. Their agents are constantly monitoring your criminal network around the world and building their claims against you. This is represented by Heat, and the more Heat you have, the more dangerous it is when an agent visits your hideout. Your activity on the world map generates heat.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Do your best to keep the heat low-or prepare your defenses for the fight!

Good luck!

Hopefully, after it’s all over, you’ll feel ready to challenge the world.Has a huge amount of content Evil Genius 2: World DominationTake your time to explore. I especially recommend chasing some delicious loot. They are powerful artifacts, but getting them can be difficult …

Remember: The world is yours.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius 2: World Domination




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Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spyfire builder where players control Evil Genius and plan for world domination. When this feels bad, the power of justice can’t stand the chance! Build your own evil hideout and cover operations, train the power of criminal minions, protect your hideout from the power of justice, and dominate the world with doomsday weapons in this direct sequel to the 2004 cult classic. please! Cruel structure! All villains need an island hideout, so choose your paradise and put your own ominous stamp on it! Shape the internal structure of your dangerous hideout to suit your playstyle and build a wonderfully evil device for your minions to use. A vicious anti-hero! When you are performing an evil operation, the ability is not going to cut it. By expanding and training your minion workforce, you can create new specialists to further your evil plans. A little more … Need something scary? We are looking for a powerful Henchman to complement your play style. Every mastermind needs a right hand … in fact, some! Despicable device! The Forces of Justice are punctual, so investigate and develop a set of trap networks to complement your brute force. Send those good guys spinning with pinball bumpers or put chops on them with Venus Spy Trap. One trap is good, but many more are … evil. Combine traps to ban intruders forever! Malicious plot! Build doomsday weapons and carry out evil plans to promote your plans to rule the world! Sell ​​the British royal family, kidnap the Governor of Maine, and literally burn Baked Alaska. Diversity is the spice of conflict, as it has hundreds of potential purposes.

Uncover Some Nefarious Tips and Tricks for Evil Genius 2: World Domination

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