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A free update is scheduled for December.

Developer Texel Raptor’s amazing theme park management sim Parkitect has received the most ambitious update to date and will introduce eight collaborative multiplayer on December 8th.

Parkitect is already well-designed and has succeeded in providing Rollercoaster Tycoon fans with a pleasing nostalgia fix, while at the same time introducing some great impact innovations-powerful construction tools and in the park. Infrastructure such as the addition of smart gameplay such as focusing on delivery-bringing new life to classic building and management formulas.

However, the latest addition of Texel Raptor (following two paid DLC extensions) is the game’s most important effort to date, frequently requested by fans, but rarely seen in this genre. Provides a collaborative multiplayer building experience.

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Trailer for the Parkitect multiplayer update.

With the launch of the Parkitect multiplayer update, players will be able to launch online games through the new lobby system (steam friends can be invited directly), and up to eight players can work together to create a dream theme park. Can be created. Also, when new props or props are dropped, everyone’s changes are displayed in real time.

Parkitect’s multiplayer mode will arrive on December 8th with a free update. If you haven’t experienced the fun of base games yet, you’ll get a 25% discount on the Steam sale now, dropping the price to £ 17.84. Plus, get 27% off Deluxe Bundles. This includes the base game and both DLC for £ 28.37.


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