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The return of the Master Chief hasn’t felt so good since then Halo 3However, there are some caveats to that. Halo InfiniteThe underlying predicament of is that it’s an exceptional game controlled by its studio, 343 Industries. Basically, that’s all the fans wanted, but at the macro level, there are some amazing issues that are likely to be fixed over time, but it’s completely unclear when and how much they will be fixed. In the meantime, at least there’s a story to play, but it’s definitely worth it.

6 years Halo 5: Guardians We’ve released a franchise and revamped it by moving forward with new characters, new equipment, and new villains. It wasn’t what people were expecting at the time, but it was certainly bold.Now the studio has ignored the boldness of the game, which isn’t a course fix enough to remind people why they fell in love. Hello in the first place. Halo Infinite In that respect it achieves its goal of being a mental restart, many of which are undermined by terrible problems that should never have been overlooked.

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Halo Infinite has a great story and has some drawbacks

Exiled with Master Chief and Halo Infinite

Playing the campaign reveals why 343 didn’t put a “6” at the end of the game title. This is because it didn’t show what it was. Halo Infinite teeth. Sure, this is the sixth article in the mainline franchise, but it’s not necessarily the sixth article in the story or the third article in the reclaimer story. In itself, it’s a problem for those who were expecting a proper through line. Parents‘The Cliffhanger is over, but it’s not what’s offered here. Instead, Halo Infinite Merge the whole Hello Storyline For a deep and personal story exploring the existence of humanity and their position in the galaxy. Where they stand and what they do to fight back is at the heart of the story, especially when confronting exiles. It feels like the last battle, but it’s still the beginning of a new era.

For many, this is the first Hello The games (and stories) they experience, and that’s certainly the right thing to dive into. All that nostalgic element is well-handled and there are moments that have appealed to fans for many years, but for those who haven’t heard of the Master Chief, it still depends on how the story unfolds. You can enjoy it. Instead of stitching the past together and being informed of what happened, we spend time giving players a first-hand experience of the moment. Halo Infinite It’s like a museum dedicated to the Master Chief, and although it’s a new way, it allows people to play his biggest hits. Some missions, characters, and objectives feel particularly similar to those of the original Halo trilogy, but they are not rehashes. Halo Infinite Skillfully use the past as a guide, not as a crutch.

Halo 4 When Halo 5: Guardians There was an interesting story that broke the personality of the Master Chief, Halo Infinite Show 343 finally understood his myth. Rather than explaining who he really is and where he came from, his name, armor, identity is covenant, exile, Earth, and above all, Hello fan. John-117 was not born as a legend, but was united by his actions. That is what is on display throughout. Halo Infinite.. In addition, references to the origins of the Master Chief and his history with Cortana (including the reuse of dialogue from previous games) also serve as a means to undermine the extraordinary nature of the game throughout the story. It helps to amplify that relationship, which is central. Much of it is supported by the interaction of the Master Chief with weapons (a new AI called the “new Cortana”). Weapons are arguably one of the best aspects of the game.

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Halo Infinite Master Chief and Weapon Report

Of course, probably the biggest bet of 343 Halo Infinite It’s an open world. Today, it looks like every game has an open world, HelloTraditional linear storytelling and gameplay, and a new open world setting Halo Infinite Very well done. As the story progresses, new areas will be unlocked, and new objectives such as acquiring Mjolnir Rockers and Spartan Cores, rescuing Marines, and eliminating high-value targets will artificially extend play time, all overwhelming. Will not be done. Still, the central issue here is that not enough has been done to avoid repeating these side quests, and the open world layout has not been properly considered. Players can be frustrated on a daily basis simply by crossing the map. If the radar has been modified, you can avoid at least some of it and find points and objects of interest when you are in the vehicle.

Overall, Halo InfiniteThe campaign is a franchise celebration that incorporates elements of both the Bungee and 343 eras, remembering where the reclaimer story was heading and respecting what happened before. And exhilarating.But the fact that open worlds sometimes feel like gimmicks and the games are shipped without Campaign cooperation or Forge It seems daunting. The latter two are legacy features related to the history of the franchise. Without them Halo Infinite fundamentally incomplete.. In that respect, the campaign is much better than multiplayer.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is very close to amazing

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Cover

What makes quality Halo InfiniteMultiplayer It’s almost perfect because it’s very difficult to identify in-game. There are some asynchronous issues that need to be resolved and some weapon balancing, but they can’t address the entire gameplay. The 343 has a virtually perfect shooter. The problem is that everything but core gameplay is meaningless, from lack of functionality to terrible progression systems to predatory commercial platforms. Simply put Halo InfiniteThe economy and progress of is surprisingly terrible. Recently, the store’s Reach Falcon Pilot Pack consisted of two shoulder pads and an emblem, which required unlocking the Mark V Armor Core via the Battle Pass. ..But it barely scratches the surface Halo InfiniteProblems with multiplayer.

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Players have been promised a game to avoid FOMO. Halo InfiniteWeekly assignments The limited-time event (reading: Tenrai) really encourages FOMO. Players have been promised a game that they can play as they please. They can’t — it’s literally impossible. Game modes are associated with a single playlist, and cross-play is mandatory except for ranked solo / duo cues, where players are still forced into quad matches. In addition, there are some game modes that are added and removed because they are associated with a particular event, exacerbating all the issues mentioned above. On top of that, there are few anti-cheat systems. It’s certainly a surprise, considering that the Master Chief collection has nailed it pretty perfectly. There are also additional issues — no in-game challenges, no service records — but they aren’t as good as those that could pull players apart.

Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is crafted — the map design is comparable Halo 3Weapons have a functional purpose in each mode and map, and ranking (and general competitiveness) is reminiscent of the early days of Halo MLG, but at the end of the match, that experience is greatly reduced. increase. It goes without saying that the same tricks used to keep multiplayer games alive 10 years ago no longer work today. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is currently on the wrong side. In skill-based games, it’s embarrassing that progress is tied to RNG challenges rather than skills. As players try to advance the Battle Pass by earning a certain number of kills with weapons that spawn in a short amount of time, these external mechanics flow into the gameplay and many players end the match almost instantly. increase. When one element begins to affect another, it’s when there is a source of concern — Halo Infinite It’s already at that stage in multiplayer.

Sadly, Halo InfiniteCampaign Definitely worth playing, the game’s multiplayer is approaching the “wait and see” phase.This epic if you can’t fix a number of issues in a timely manner, or if the studio doesn’t provide a comprehensive plan to address at least obvious concerns. Hello It may decline soon.I’m sorry Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is really great, but what fails is that it’s free to play. Whether the problem is due to creative choices or business decisions, the fundamentals of what a 2021 shooter should be, and more importantly, what it shouldn’t be. There is a misunderstanding.It’s plausible Halo Infinite Eventually it will be a game that defines the era and will be reestablished as the dominant shooting franchise, but it doesn’t exist yet and we don’t know when it will be.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer will be available on Xbox and PC, and the campaign will be released on December 8th. Screen Rant Halo Infinite A campaign played on Xbox Series X for the purposes of this review.

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3.5 out of 5 stars (very good)

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