Exciting things are planned to celebrate Persona’s anniversary in 2021

The Persona series has been very generous in recent years. Take Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal as examples. As a result, more loyal followers continued to faint in their actions, while gaining many new fans. So it’s no wonder that the team behind it has big plans for the 25th anniversary of the persona. It’s a shame they haven’t expanded their plans yet.

The news came from Kazuhisa Wada, a game producer who had won the Partner Award at PlayStation Awards 2020 on behalf of Persona 5 Royal. But he simply hinted at what was called an “exciting plan” and couldn’t say much else. These plans will happen next year – 2021 – if it helps. But apart from that, I’m ignorant. To be fair, it’s probably a common theme for me, but at least this time there’s an excuse.

Wada at least thanked the team for the continued dedication of the fans. But when I say, I think I’m talking for all of us. “Keep making games like Persona 5. You are welcome!”

In the aftermath of the comments above, the Internet lives on with these “exciting plans” proposals. Many are demanding that older games be ported to PlayStation 4. Probably even a faithful remake. Others want to see Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch. And someone suggested the announcement of Persona 6. It may be pushing things a bit (but you can never say). But no matter what they are, I’m confident that Atlus’ creative mind will excite us all.

After all, they haven’t failed yet! But I hope Morgana can stay up long enough for us to enjoy them …

Source: Persona Central

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Exciting Things are Planned to Celebrate Persona’s Anniversary in 2021

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