Exclusive: Here’s how to find out which games are running on Valve’s Steam Deck:

The valve always keeps it Steam Deck Is closer to a traditional PC than a handheld console, so you should be able to run your existing game library on Steam.But official Steam Deck Twitter There are lots of videos showing the compatibility status of games that are working well in the development kit, and more. Remaining in the air.. It could simply be due to a lack of confirmation or a serious technical issue related to the hardware requirements. Anti-cheat service that requires fine adjustment It runs on the deck’s proton-based OS.Prior to the planned December launch, Valve Announced their plans To clarify if a particular game can (and effectively) run on a Steam deck.

This is also an ambitious plan. Tens of thousands of Steam games are manually reviewed by Valve itself and assigned to categories that show how well it works on Steam decks. This review process focuses on four key attributes: input support, native display resolution support (with readable text), general hardware compatibility, and compatibility with Proton, including middleware such as anti-cheat. Focus on it.

Games that meet all of these criteria fall into the “confirmed” category, while games that work most if the user does not need to change settings fall into the “playable” category. The “Unsupported” category contains games that aren’t working well on the Steam deck, and the final “Unknown” category includes games that Valve hasn’t reviewed yet. When browsing Steam on the Steam deck, the game will display a badge indicating its category (and therefore its degree of compatibility). This makes it easy to see which collections will run on your portable PC. The Steam Library section is new with only games with confirmed status[Great on Deck]Tabs are also displayed. Valve also aims to allow Steam users to see compatible games at launch, even before the Steam deck is released.

These green checkmarks indicate that the game has achieved a confirmed status and should work fine.

To learn more about how the review and categorization system works, we emailed Valve some questions, co-replied by former Steam Deck designers Greg Coomer and Lawrence Yang. Chat with Catherine about Steam Deck With that first exposure. They have to say about the newly announced compatibility program, validated status criteria, how Valve and other developers work together to bring the game to the Steam deck, and sadly the fictional Gordon Freeman typing trainer. Here’s what I had to do:

On Steam Many Of the game. What resources are being invested in reviewing the entire catalog and how much resources are left to review future game releases?

There are many games on Steam, and Valve has put a lot of effort into this review program. We have hired an additional group of testers, especially for compatibility with Steam Deck. We will continue to hire additional staff to support this group. Reviewing the Steam catalog (in addition to the new titles that are always on the market) has taken some time and we can see that some versions of this process have been implemented for the foreseeable future.

How is the review process going so far? Are you satisfied with the number of verified and playable games?

The review process is going well and we are generally happy with the widespread compatibility assessment we have seen so far. Especially considering that developers have never had a specific target set to target.

“Playable” games may require user adjustments. What kind of adjustment are you making?

Examples of this are titles where the player needs to manually select the configuration of the community controller, titles where the on-screen keyboard needs to be manually launched for text input, and the launcher needs to be navigated using the touch screen. There are some titles and so on.

A list of Steam Deck compatibility criteria that show how many Team Fortress 2 will meet.

When it comes to proton support, we know that some games use compatible anti-cheat. Easy anti-cheat When BattlEyeHowever, their developers aren’t completely committed to making sure their game is ready for the Steam deck at launch. What is the mechanism for re-reviewing a game that may not be playable at first but will be fully compatible later?

It is very important for customers to know that compatibility information is accurate throughout the life of the game. We fully expect some games to be reviewed multiple times. For example, when a developer releases a major update, when dealing with a previous compatibility failure to move a game to a validated category, or when Valve fixes a bug in Proton. There is also a re-review if there is community feedback that our rating is incorrect. This memo absolutely considers the Proton support issue to be a bug that Valve resolves. All Proton bugs that occur during compatibility testing are tracked, logged, and associated with the game under test. Fixing these bugs will automatically retest all affected games.

How does the review process determine general performance? Perhaps the game will not get a confirmed status if it runs at 12 fps with the lowest settings.

Our team is primarily testing a great experience with default settings. In terms of frame rate, the floor is at least 30fps to fill the validated bar. To make this easier for developers to target, we’ve provided an API that allows developers to determine if a title is running on a Steam deck. This allows developers to adjust the default settings as needed.

Issues like proton support seem to be within Valve’s influence rather than resolution support and text size. Does Valve encourage or support developers to overcome these other potential hurdles?

definitely. In addition to providing these guidelines, we will continue to add new tools to the Steamworks API to make life easier for developers on both decks and PCs. Older APIs such as Steam Input are continually updated to make it easier for developers to support matching controller glyphs on all devices. We’ve also recently introduced a new API for developers to make it easier to support on-screen keyboards, suspend / resume capabilities, and other deck technologies. We look forward to continuing to expand our support here as the developers will tell us how we can do the most.

Similarly, how closely do you work with developers on the review process itself? Or is it not necessary for a game that works right out of the box?

To be successful, this compatibility review process needs to serve both customers and developers. We have worked extensively with both groups to ensure that the results of the testing process and the process itself help make shopping and gameplay on the deck comfortable for everyone. As for developer involvement in the review process itself, we are involved in every step. They can start a review, get feedback and notes as the game is reviewed, and request a re-review if they make major updates or improvements to Steam deck compatibility.

A Steam deck connected to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, just like a regular PC

Can users attempt to play games that are “unknown” or unreviewed on the Steam deck? Is there a warning or is it something like “self-responsibility”?

I want my customers to be informed, but basically the deck is a gaming PC and Valve doesn’t want to be in a position to tell customers that they aren’t allowed to do things on their device. .. Yes, you will be able to purchase, install and launch games that are classified as “Unknown” in the compatibility review. Before that, make sure you are aware of the status of the game.

Do I see a compatibility badge when I view the game on my PC or Steam mobile app? Even if you’re mainly playing on your desktop or laptop, it’s a good idea to see if your game works well on your Steam deck.

We plan to allow players who own a Steam Deck to display the Steam Deck Compatibility Badge on their PC. Compatibility badges can also be found by searching and tag browsing everyone using the desktop version of Steam or the Steam website. In addition, the team is currently working on new features that will be released before the launch of Steam Deck. This feature allows players to see the compatibility category for each game in their library.

Now that you’ve created a deck-verified status criterion, is it Valve’s intention to allow all games on Steam to be played on Steam decks? In other words, is it still seen as a viable result?

I will try to get it as close to 100% as possible. That said, not all games make sense to bring to Steam Deck. For example, we are all proud. Half-life: Alyx, But it’s not a game that Steam Deck intended to run. The same reason applies to games like “Gordon Teaches Typing” (don’t look into it as it’s not a real game). Sure, you can connect a keyboard to your deck, but we don’t call such a game a confirmed title because it’s not the default experience. In addition, there are some factors beyond our control that can determine title compatibility-anti-cheat is big. We work with major anti-cheat providers to provide proton support for launch. We’ve reached a great place with BattlEye support, but Easy Anti-Cheat is a bit more complicated.

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