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Creators, stars and writers of upcoming professional wrestling comedy films Professional Raslin Movie: The Legend of Dirty Ron Mikey Gordon was in today’s episode Wrestling Co., Ltd. Daily.. Wrestling Inc. Nick Hausman, Editor-in-Chief of, started the podcast by asking Gordon what the movie was.

“Dirtyron is the son of a fast-food mogul Playboy and is cut off because he has too much sex and fun at work,” Gordon explained. “I was so unlucky that I couldn’t turn anywhere and found a heavyweight professional wrestling champion in a former trash can dwelling played by Rob Van Dam and the character of this Rob Van Dam. Become a professional wrestler. So it’s a life-changing place other than becoming a professional wrestler, and hey, the world champion has some dips to give him the opportunity to be played by Effie, called the Rainbow Star. * t I’m looking for a schmack. And he gives the man a blow. “

Then Gordon talked about how he got the movie RVD. He also discussed the connection between wrestling and other wrestling stars.

“I booked a stand-up comedy show about six years ago and started working with Rob,” Gordon said. “I’m a stand-up comedy. I’m an Afroman tour manager and an opening act for several years from 2011 to 2013. I booked a lot of different shows. I booked him a number. I came across him. He was the first person I locked in and really let everyone else lock in.

“Rob came as a guest at my wedding reception last July, and I pitched the script to him. He was like,” I love this. “I actually pitched him my second movie, which is a parody of the movie Wrestler, He was actually a bit more interested than this script, but I still don’t want to spoil anything. So he liked the script. He read it. He was like, “OK, do you want me to dress like a crazy old man and jump into the trash can for you?” And I was like “please”. “I think it’s an old trash can show right now,” he says. Victoria did a great job.

“She lives here in San Diego, where we shot some of the movies. Effie, I learned through connections within the wrestling business, and to be honest, with Brett Lauderdale a few years ago. Connected with Game Changer Wrestling and ran several co-promotion shows with FIST Combat over the last few years I was able to broaden my horizons with current independent wrestlers and more, and Brett Lauderdale and Game Changer Wrestling. Helped me a lot. “

Gordon has also opened up the shooting process so far. He mentioned the incredible financial investment he had made in the film and his commitment to perfect it.

“We shot it in November, and when we got to the set, we knew a little that we had a little head,” Gordon admitted. “We intended to get this out there in a hurry or take the time to do it right, but it didn’t go according to schedule, but when does life go according to schedule? Here we are I’m putting myself there.

“I’m 37. I’ve never had a credit card. I’ve never had a loan. I’ve never asked anyone in my life for a dime. So To do this for us, I don’t want to say this as my story, but this is about 5 of my life savings so far, when I invested it in this movie It’s a story of spending a million dollars. We haven’t finished the movie, and now I need $ 50,000 to make the rest of it. We’ll make a movie for the rest of our lives. “

RVD disseminated a still image of the movie in which fans commented on his age by word of mouth. Gordon admitted that he wasn’t surprised at how viral it became, and revealed how enthusiastic everyone else in the production was.

“Rob Van Dam is the biggest star I’ve ever had in the movie,” Gordon said. “The sixth WWE Grand Slam champion to date. Wrestling fans are very supportive of the wrestling industry and we really want to take advantage of it because it’s ourselves. Is a professional wrestling fan. So when we sit down with Rob and talk to him about this, that’s what he’s interested in, and you’ll see some videos coming out in the next few weeks. You’ll see some candid interviews we did. We wanted Rob not to be Rob. Every time, at ECW, at WWE and at TNA, at every promotion, Rob Van. The dam is Rob Van Dam, but here he plays the character.

“He put on makeup every day. He had a lot of fun on the set. He spent an extra day for us at no extra cost, and whether he wants me to tell that story I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone wants me to say this, but everyone is investing in this. I don’t think anyone is paid the usual fee. They do it. I compromised something to be part of this because I believe it’s something special. It makes a lot of sense to me because they believe it as much as I do, And it’s scary to ask people to believe in you deeply, you don’t know if you believe in yourself.

“And it’s not worn. It’s not bullish ** t. When we started this, it was $ 10,000, and I was still going to save lives. Well, I was going to save lives. Here we are on March 1st and my life savings are almost completely exhausted. I eat a lot of ramen at night but it’s okay. I’m crazy about what I am I knew I was there, but I’m here, and now it’s just a matter of time. I was thinking of making a movie at the end of November, but now it’s March, but not. So we I’m going to make this movie or reconstruct my life after this, but for some reason, if Dartilon has to do some dirty things, this movie will be made. “

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Exclusive insight into upcoming RVD stoner comedy films Exclusive insight into upcoming RVD stoner comedy films

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