Exclusive Interview-Survios shoots punches while chatting with Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

As gamers, we’ve been pretty hungry for a decent boxing experience on consoles and PCs. In fact, you can look back at the Fight Night series and look for the last properly good all-round puncher.Seems to change everything with the release of Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions On PCs and consoles, the Survios team is free from VR bindings and offers boxing enthusiasts new options. We wanted to know more, so we contacted the team behind it. Thankfully, they were happy to reveal a little more information before the launch.

Hello, please introduce yourself. What is your role in Survios and development Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champion?

My name is Eugene Elkin. He is a senior software engineer at Survios and project leader for the new title Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. I was also the project leader for the previous Survios title in the series Creed: Rise to Glory.

So sell it to us.Why do gamers need to be interested in the next release? Big rumble boxing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC?

Simply put — boxing is back! Boxing game fans like us haven’t won new boxing titles for years. This doesn’t follow in the footsteps of boxing sims, but our goal is to allow gamers of all platforms to pick up and enjoy all ages and steps of life.

It’s been a while since our console player had the opportunity to climb the ring. What should we expect when participating in this rumble?

The new game features a movie story that fans know and love, and a whole new story created specifically for the game. Core characters such as Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan and Victor Drago will join the rumble. There are also some surprises. The story and gameplay really reminds us of the feel of a classic arcade-style fighting game.

Can you talk through the fighter list? How are each playable character different from the other characters?

There are 20 unique boxers to choose from. The roster contains the above characters, and fighters fall into three categories: swarmers, generalists, and sluggers. Franchise fans may be able to guess which class their favorite creed character falls into. Each character also has its own “finisher” movement to unleash your opponent.

Big rumble boxing Xbox1

And in which arena are we fighting? Do you have many stages to enjoy?

Let’s say many of the stages are familiar. I won’t ruin anything for you, but the individual battles in each fighter story add a small piece to the overall puzzle, and finally honor, heritage, crime, and the fighter Bragadosio. If you like beating meat and exercising in the junkyard, let’s say you’re ready.

How much access does MGM give when translating Rocky and Creed movies into the video game scene to make them perfectly accurate?

Accuracy may not be the right word. This game is not a boxing simulator. It behaves like an old school brawler and has the same mechanics and playstyle to launch. Therefore, we did not aim for 100% genuine aesthetics. At the same time, it’s not “orthodox” for the movie series either, so we can have a great time. We had to dig into the character’s backstory, but we didn’t have to worry about it being as serious as it is known in the franchise. MGM is great because you can build the game you want to play from the beginning. They were great partners.

And how did you get the backstory of those movies to the Creed Champion?

Think of these as “what if” stories. MGM gave us a runway to make fun games and fostered our creativity, so we tried to enjoy playing “what if” with these characters as much as possible. They all start at the original plot points of the movie, but evolve far beyond expectations. If you’ve ever wondered about Rocky’s Bruiser career, what happened to Adonis Creed after the battle with Victor Drago, and the backstory of characters like Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang. Not only that!

Which game mode will be displayed at launch? Are you open to these post-release extensions?

Big rumble boxing has three main modes. In arcade mode, fight a series of curated matches and unlock new characters and costumes. A local PvP where you can fight side-by-side with your friends, and finally a training mode to practice combos and controls to master each fighter. The team is constantly looking for new ideas, but we can’t share any more details at this time.

Big rumble boxing xbox2

You are promised the opportunity to participate in thematic mini-games based on the classic Rocky and Creed training moments. Can you give us more insight into how these work?

The arcade tower also has mini-games that are played as mini-montages that relive the classic moments of Rocky movies. This is also a special thing that fans want to see, so I can’t give you any further details.

And from a multiplayer perspective, do we understand that only local opportunities exist? What is preventing you from harnessing the power of the online world?

Creed Champions support competitive multiplayer for two players for fierce one-on-one battles. Inspired by arcade and arcade-style games. Frankly, these games are better played face-to-face. Obviously, we’ve seen a major world event that drives many to optimize online play. At the same time, fighting games are famous for lag when it comes to online matches, where PVP was the goal, so I decided to stick to my original vision. Hopefully fans who want this game will appreciate it!

The trailer should definitely point to Big Rumble Boxing putting SmackDown on multiple explosive hits. How and why was the decision to run an arcade-style route instead of a simulated route?

Creed: I researched various experiences with Rise to Glory. We wanted to make this game feel fresh, as well as a clone of the game that was very well received and remained in the top 10 VR titles on the PlayStation.

Big Rumble Boxing: I wanted to use Creed Champions to design games that remind me of the golden age of arcade fighting games, such as Ready to Rumble and Fight Night. In this game you can actually hit your opponent and punch 20 feet in the air. If you want it — designing a game this way has given us more freedom to create games the way we want. Big Rumble Boxing is, first and foremost, an arcade-style boxing experience, and we wanted to regain the old-fashioned feeling of squeezing a button and having fun.

Big rumble boxing xbox3

How deep is the control scheme? Do you have multiple combos to learn and master, or can you escape with a little button mash?

Inspired by games like Super Smash Bros., we wanted to keep the control system as simple as possible so that anyone could pick up and play the game at any time. There is a signature move for every character in the game, and button mashing is definitely feasible. In fact, that is also encouraged. But at the same time, if you want to master this game, you’ll want to go beyond the button mashing stage and actually learn their combos, defense mechanics, and the nuances of each combat style.

Does Big Rumble Boxing include a new mechanic that sports fans haven’t seen in previous boxing titles?

Nothing new, but the team focused on core mechanics related to cutting-edge boxing arcade experiences such as slipping and parrying. Our aim was to remain true to the original control schemes of old school fighting games such as Fight Knight and Lady Turumble, so we tried to build and improve the existing style of these types of games. bottom.

I understand you were one of the leads Creed: Rise to Glory When released in VR. What did you learn from the game, personally and as a team as a whole, when bringing things to a more traditional console release?

Here at Survios, the team has learned to be even more talented than they had previously thought. We have developed games of all genres and platforms. Survios’ goal is to be recognized as one of the top developers. Therefore, I would like to make sure that I am always looking to the future. We’ve been developing games for traditional systems such as Big Rumble Boxing and the upcoming Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey, but we’re also focused on creating best-in-class VR experiences.

Big rumble boxing xbox4

How has the next-generation consoles for the Xbox Series X | S and PS5 impacted development? Are the games fully optimized for those consoles and their power allows us to integrate more ideas?

Since this is a PS4 / XB1 title, there are no PS5 / XBSX | S specific features. However, you should be able to play on PS5 / XBSX | S via backward compatibility.

And finally, if you have one feature to watch big rumble boxing, Creed Champions offers knockout punches for all other boxing titles, but what does that do?

To be honest, the game has an incredible number of features and you can’t choose just one, but in this game you’ll get the grip of stepping into the ring of the Rocky and Creed worlds. The legend of movie boxing all the time you can really feel and wear some of the most famous gloves.

With Eugene Survios Big Rumble Boxing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC: It gave us a little more insight into the upcoming release of Creed Champions.

Keep an eye out for game reviews right away. And if you want to get the game yourself, it’s available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Xbox store From September 3rd for £ 33.49.

Exclusive Interview – Survios throw the punches as they chat Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

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