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After two years of sabbatical recovery from a weakened knee injury, Flying Scottsman Stevie Ray is enthusiastic about leaving eggs on the UFC’s chin.

The four recently married Fife-born fathers were weirdly culled by a promotional power shortly after squeezing St. Louis veterans and scoring their best career wins. Michael’Threat’ Johnson Split in Singapore in October 2019. The 31-year-old has not been seen publicly since caring for an injured ego and a severely injured knee.

However, properly rehabilitated and armed with a new contract with PFL, Ray is ready to rebound with the goal of realizing unfulfilled ambitions.

There is no hostility. More confusing. I won the fight with Johnson, signed a contract for four new fights, and was offered a fight in Las Vegas, but was told that I might be better off as a free agent before that happened. I did.Very confusing, ” Revealed a fighter known as “Brave Heart”.

Ants (His manager, AbdelazizI tried to explain a little, but I couldn’t understand it completely. Then Sean (Shelby, UFC(Senior Vice President of Talent Relations) recently sent me an email and cleaned it up.He said it UFC The doctor who recommended the decision. He said his knees weren’t big and there was no short-term solution. So they thought it would be better for me to go elsewhere and do my own thing.

And that was the first plan, UFC Sign as a free agent. But thanks to Covid, nothing really came at the time. To be honest, my knees at that time were really great. It was inflated like a balloon. After spending a few days of bad training with it, I got: NS UFC Is correct. My knees are pretty messed up. I’m done. ‘

I thought about all the benefits of retirement, but when I finally did it, I said, “Shit. What am I going to do now ?!”

I had my own gym, it opened after I lost Felder (First round counts before his own Scottish brother in Glasgow in July 2017). So I have a business that I can run and make money. But the truth is that I missed the topic, the topic of battle. Going to the gym, I still felt I could achieve more, I’m not done! “

Caledonia’s Fighting Ace, at just 29 years old, was in the best form when he was persuaded to curtail his career two years ago, and the setbacks had as bad an effect on his mind as his body. I admit.

He said:“Such injuries can have a complete impact on your mental health. Especially if I’m thinking about training or something big, have full sexual intercourse with your emotions. Knees. I was so swollen that I was able to sleep and wake up in a very good mood, and then I couldn’t go to training because my knees just got worse.

“And the uncertainty has always been great for me, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, because I went through the stage of thinking,” Did I do this? ” It was a little stressful. Because deeply, I really didn’t want to retire. I just retired for all the ways things happened.

“But I didn’t even have to freeze my knees for months. Since I did more yoga, I’ve become more and more mobile, my knees have more range of motion, and my lower back is more flexible. In addition, I’ve done all the training I usually do-obviously not as difficult as the fights line up-but I’m still sparring, rolling, wrestling, jiu-jitsu-all going on! ”

The next season, refreshing and rejuvenated, fans of 5’10-inch fans will prove that his best year is still in front of him by winning the PFL title and millions of dollars in prize money. intend to.

“I definitely have it in my head, I want to show UFC,-It’s not that they made a mistake because my knees were bad-but maybe they could have done something else. ” Conclude the stingray.

‘I want to go there and fucking show UFC I’m going to win this (PFL)tournament! “

How do you think Ray will be fair? PFL?? Let us know in the comments!

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Exclusive | Return Scott Stevie Ray: “I’m not over!” Exclusive | Return Scott Stevie Ray: “I’m not over!”

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