Exclusive: Super rare shorts that skip the Switch e-shop in physics-only games

Physical indie publisher Super Rare Games has announced a new publishing label that releases new Switch titles that are only available in physical form.

As you know, Super Rare Shorts will soon be holding a lineup of new and original titles that will be available exclusively for new brands. Steam does not investigate, as these are only available on Switch. Also, it does not start in Switch’s eShop.they Really Complete the package with “Full Cover Art and Exquisite Packaging” and get it exclusively in physical form.

The first game to join the lineup is an unreleased title from developer Glass Revolver (ITTA and the studio behind ITTA). God’s house). And all other titles are covered during the one month pre-order period. Initially 5,000 copies will be printed and additional orders will be shipped one month after the pre-order window closes.

It sounds like a pretty exciting project, and one that you might actually benefit the developer in unexpected ways. To learn all about the shorts and how they work, we had a brief chat with George Perkins, the leader of the Super Rare game. pleasant:

Can you tell us a little bit about how this project started? How did you get developers to participate in physics-only releases when so many games started digital-only?

Over the last 3.5 years, we’ve worked with over 50 developers around the world, and the saddest part for me is that many games are commercially successful, even though they’re great games. It was the fact that it never happened. The main reason for this is the large visibility issue of digital indie games, with hundreds of titles coming out each week.

Having worked on over 50 physical releases, we were able to really help these developers fund future projects with a lot of interest in the title. From talking to these developers and building a true relationship with them, we soon have a small project they are working on, seeing the light of day and having a hard time getting an audience. I realized that I wouldn’t do anything. We have found that we can help them even more by helping them get more of their work to those who really enjoy and appreciate them.

Today, many large indie publishers are really looking only for a wider range of titles. As a result, small projects never see the light of day, as it can be difficult to find funding and reach the right audience. So we’re funding these projects to help indie game enthusiasts reach their enthusiastic viewers.

Doing this can help indie developers actually generate funding to raise money for their next project. We want to be a close friend of indie developers through support and funding. Many of these games wouldn’t have been released or noticed by fans unless they were sold as physical releases.

Super Rare Games has a fairly solid track record and a lot of experience with physical publishing.
Super rare games have a pretty solid track record – and Lots Experience – when it comes to physical publishing. (image: Super rare game)

How many physical games are there in the book right now?

Some will be released in a few months, and I’m expecting about three next year! Currently, there are some great developers working on the project. I am very much looking forward to seeing the light of day. We are a company built entirely on our sincere passion and love for indie games. Many of these projects are exciting for me and the team as they can be played in action.

Doing this can help indie developers actually generate funding to raise money for their next project. We want to be a close friend of indie developers through support and funding.

Are there copy restrictions like traditional super rare games, or can I get a copy on demand?

There is a one-month advance reservation period! We print 5000 copies in advance so you don’t have to wait long, but subsequent orders will be shipped approximately one month after your order. It is important for us that fans can watch the game immediately after ordering!

Would you consider publishing these games digitally if there was demand?

All the games we are working on for Super Rare Shorts will only be physically available. If there is a great demand for a particular game, we can certainly work on spin-off titles with similar themes. Most of the titles we’re working on have no mass market demand, so keeping only the physical ones gets more attention from the press and fans than if a digital release were associated with it. , It’s a very important factor for us. This is a sad reality, but we need to evolve into the climate surrounding the game. Creating great bespoke packages with gorgeous art and great additions is a great way to promote and market indie games.

In an ideal situation, you don’t have to do this, but marketing small digital-only indie games is an incredibly unpredictable market space and in most cases not commercially viable. We look forward to the first developer we collaborated with, Glass Revolver. This allows you to generate more sales and higher levels of profits than you received from your previous project, ITTA. This is a very nice game for me. It is recommended. This is important to us as I know the team is currently working on some great things. Therefore, it is honestly unbelievable that they can help fund their future work.

Will you publish these games yourself, or will you just remove them in one step and provide a physical copy and distribution?

We are the publisher of these games-this is a very similar deal to regular digital games, but only available as a physical super rare shorts release.

As we’re talking about, multiple shorts games are under development, although these titles are original titles made from scratch, finished versions of small prototypes, or promising for a second chance. It can be anything from a more definitive version of the underrated game.

Do you think this sounds like a fascinating new approach to Super Rare? Would you like to check the games released on the new label first? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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