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LINE Games’ Exos Heroes is celebrating its 1st anniversary today since it was first launched in South Korea last November. Developers have launched a special event to celebrate their anniversary with new content and fun gifts.

First, every player will receive 700 X, 110 free recruits, a Fated Hero Dorka and a new Fate core. Just take the surprise quiz and the answer to “191121” (the release date of the game in Korea) will be the 700X code. For the next three weeks, until December 10th, you can attend a free 110 Recruit event or unlock a Fated Hero Dorka character with a new Fatecore as a reward for a 7-day gift event.

However, Dolka is not the only unlockable hero you can get during the event. Log in to the game between now and November 30th to unlock Leger and Nero, Fated Hero Kylock and Mahar, dressed in Fatecores inspired by Hanbok, a traditional Korean dress with a long history. I can do it.

With an update to the story episode of Chapter 14 on November 26th, Neomi unlocks his last weapon and defeats Zeon and Mahal. Check out the last episode at Brunn to see if Zeon and his friends can escape to Saint West, which has clues to defeat Schufraken.

The latest update of Exos Heroes improves your quality of life. This includes improved inventory management by excluding equipped items from the total and expanding inventory space. In addition, six daily quests such as conversation, exploration, and combat are automatically completed with a single touch.

Exos Heroes can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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