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We are entering a new era of sharing UGC content on the Roblox platform. For a long time, games and clothing have been the only major forms of UGC content, but this is starting to change. As Roblox expands, we see a new group of highly talented individuals with a variety of disciplines, from creating unique accessories to scripting powerful gameplay mechanisms to designing beautiful environments. I will. Our goal is to ensure that all creators, regardless of discipline, have a platform to showcase their talents and contribute to the entire Roblox ecosystem. This started with expanding Avatar’s offering to include community catalogers. Following the UGC catalog, we are building a new studio marketplace.

By the community, for the community.

Why are you doing this?

As more developers and game studios join Roblox, we want to make sure they are prepared to succeed from the beginning. As we work to reach and expand our marketplace capabilities, we would like to share the guiding principles that are shaping the way forward.

  • Creating an experience is easy. Developers want to be able to jump to Studio and instantly create compelling experiences with Marketplace’s pre-built assets, regardless of previous experience.
  • Creation is iterative: The best products are made by trial and error, and the development of experience at Roblox is no exception. We want to enable developers to efficiently iterate Marketplace tools and assets.
  • Anyone can be a creator: Roblox has different types of content creators. We want to ensure that all of these professional asset creators have first-class outlets to showcase their work and contribute to the ecosystem.

To achieve these principles, Roblox focuses on building the basic technology that provides creators with functionality related to co-editing and core modeling tools. Our goal is for the community of creators to take advantage of Roblox’s technology and extend it to meet the niche needs of their own developers.

What have you done so far?

Launch of Plugin Marketplace

The first iteration of a new developer-focused marketplace by allowing a group of selected creators to create and sell specialized developer tools tailored to the needs of the community at the end of last year. Introduced. We started with tools because we identified them as the most direct way to speed up the creation process. We talked to a few developers about how community tools and plugins helped the workflow. T Tully and Mighty baseplate, two developers of the game Arsenal, said: “Plugins like the Data Store Editor make some of the hardest to code easier to use. Instead of manually scripting everything, it’s easy to visualize.”

Developer tools are essential for many developers. They save time and energy and greatly speed up efficiency. Erythia of Sonar Studios describes how community tools have helped her workflow: “I’m a developer with different skills. Plugins can help you navigate through all the different tasks you have to complete, whether it’s just speeding up your work or acting as a core part of the development process. Useful. There are no restrictions on the plugins available or the out-of-the-box ways developers can use them. Plugins ultimately make my work process faster, more beautiful, and of higher quality. Helps. “

Building a community around shared content has been at the heart of Roblox’s development environment since we started. So I asked some of the plugin authors why they built the tool. The creator of the most popular build tool, Gigs4DX, explains how plugins have helped new developers understand how to build with Roblox: I was picking up a tool to make a game. They used it to build happily with their friends, but with a lot of practice through play, they were very much able to create all sorts of assets and environments without even noticing how far they were going. Skilled. “

Video launch on the marketplace

Another recent addition to the developer marketplace is video. This is a brand new product across the marketplace and platform. The Bloxys and the One World: Together at Home concert event serves as a proof of concept that video can change the way the Roblox experience is consumed, extending this technology to other communities.

To seed a video catalog on the marketplace, we’ve selected a few top video creators from the Roblox community to create short clips that all developers can use in their games. Clips include animated screens that keep players entertained while waiting for game elements to load, countdown screens that build expectations before an exciting launch, and animated textures that liven up the environment and scenes. The future of video technology includes everything to enhance the creation, use and sharing of video on the Roblox platform. We hope this will open the door to new forms of entertainment and experiences on the platform and empower new types of content creators.

What’s next?

Our creator community builds great 3D models, development tools and more and shares them with each other in the library. The new marketplace is intended to build on its existing foundation. We want to encourage contributions not only to game developers, but to a new generation of scripters, builders, artists and more. Over the next year, the marketplace will be open to all developers, allowing them to buy and sell assets such as models, meshes, audio and video.

Expanding the Developer Marketplace

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