Expansion of proof board games and kickstarter

December 10, 2020 by Polar_Bear

So the game is cool, but most of the time when you play the game you get something like “Yeah, that’s great … and I want more!”. And you keep looking for extensions.Well, in this example, the Orange Nebula is running Kickstarter, so they’re all in one campaign Proof As well as some extensions to the game.

From the campaign:

Seek proof after a life of greed and betrayal in this strategic fantasy euro board game. Notice the lofty game descriptors such as high strategy, tableau construction, resource management, area control, action selection, modular boards, variable player power and more.

Thrown outboard for a miserable life, you are forced to die in the icy black sea. Just before it disappears into the endless darkness, you drift the ruins of a hostile island, where it is revived by travelers. When you open your eyes to a strange new home, you find something better, something stronger, awakening in you.

Manage your personal attributes wisely, use your influence to gain companions, control locations, get mysterious relics, defeat scary monsters, and (if it’s your style) heroic Call on your belief to snuggle up some seriously exotic pets with the ultimate goal of mastering the attributes — and regain lost honor before the end of the epoch is triggered!

We have about four times as much money as the campaign and we have 20 days left.


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