Expansion Season 5: Not all of us can be “Bertaroda”

Everyone sees himself in the oppressed Berters spreadFrom the poor liberal champions to the blue-collar conservatives who hate the elite. On social media, fans proudly declare, “We are Bertha Rouda!” Use the collective nouns of the Berter Creole language to show solidarity with trampled companions. But since Marco’s more extreme faction is in charge of Season 5, how does the writer harmonize the sympathy of the audience with the catastrophic acts of terrorism on display?

Writer Daniel Abraham, who is in the writer’s room and writes the Expanse novel under the names of co-creators James S. Corey and James Sa Cory, has a simple answer to that question. “You just put it there” Really? Did you think these were good people because they were vulnerable? Do you still think so? “He said in our exclusive interview before the premiere on December 16th.

Frank pointed it out First episode of spread Season 5 addresses that issue head-on. “This season we actually put that line in the character’s mouth,” he told us. “Bull tells Fred,” I think it means they are good people just because someone is weak. “Really that’s the philosophical thing we’re exploring at Berters. .. “

Abraham remembered the irony Season 2 Marketing campaign asked by fans spread “Choose one”. He states: “One of the things that’s been happening all the time is that people ask from the beginning:’Which faction are you? Are you a Berter, a Martian, or an Earthling?” And that’s a trick. This is the question. Looking at the show, all those answers are wrong. “

Expansion Season 5: Not all of us can be “Bertaroda”

https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/the-expanse-season-5-we-cant-all-be-beltalowda/ Expansion Season 5: Not all of us can be “Bertaroda”

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