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In the world of hockey other than World Junior in 2021, we haven’t made much progress. However, the NHL training camp is just a week away and is a hot topic.There are some hype among New York Rangers Fans, and it comes with some high expectations in 2021. But realists like me don’t think this year is a competitive year. As always, I have some ideas.

1. Other than rostering, the biggest problem facing Rangers this year is department. The Rangers have the toughest reorganization department to date this year. Adding Boston to the department is a guts punch, especially when: All games are split this season..Rangers will benefit from confronting Sabers DevilsHowever, the other six teams in the division all played off last season. It’s a difficult battle.

2. The blue shirt has some of the best wing depths in the category.They lost Yesperfast, And it will have a bigger impact than you think. They added Alexis Lafreniere, but it’s not really a fair comparison because it’s not a direct alternative. Capo parenthesis Slide to the 2RW spot while Lafreniere is likely to start the season on line 3.

3. The Rangers also have a solid right defense.They have one of the best young defenses in the game Adam fox As their second, and purely aggressive Tony D’Angelo In the third pair. These are the two areas where Rangers have their greatest strengths.

4. The main problem is that the Rangers are top heavy and unreliable in the outer left defense. Ryan Lindgren.. The lack of true depth kills the Rangers, as the best teams in the division have scoring and interactive abilities above and below the lineup. The depth of the center is also a question mark. Goaltending is probably a strong area, but it is still a developing area. Goalkeepers can be more and more painful.

5. This year could be the Rangers development year. They don’t become bottom feeders, but they expect growing pain. Blue shirts are Lindgren, D’Angelo, Philip Kitil.. But they also rely on full turnarounds from parentheses and Howden.

6. Rangers May still surprise peopleHowever, many things need to be done correctly at once. There’s nothing wrong with the years the Rangers have a flash about what they can be, but overall it’s around hockey .500. Especially in this department. Expectations for 2021 NY Rangers Going hunting may be a bit extreme.

7. You wouldn’t be surprised to see the early season trades, like the Bradislav Namesnikov trade last season. my “Brendan Smith “To Ottawa” failed brilliantly, but I think he’s still worth it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was replaced with a cap space. But the Rangers would like to see how the camp first takes place.

8. Not so bold prediction: I don’t think Ryan Strom End the season with the Rangers uniform.

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Expectations for NY Rangers 2021 and thoughts on the next season Expectations for NY Rangers 2021 and thoughts on the next season

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