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Indiana will start Big Ten Play against Northwestern in Bloomington tonight. 4-1 Wildcats defeated Michigan 79-65 at the Welsh Ryan Arena on Sunday.

Tonight’s match will take place at BTN at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, with Brandon Gordan and Jess Settles answering the phone.:

After the truncated non-conference season, Big Ten’s play begins tonight at a meetinghouse in Indiana. Hoosiers prepares for the league by playing five of the seven non-conference games on paper, away from home. Rather than choosing a cupcake schedule, Indiana has seven major opponents against five major opponents and owns the 48th toughest unconference slate in the country.

Meanwhile, Northwestern University came confidently after dismantling Michigan in Evanston on Sunday. Wildcats started 2-0, beating two of the seven worst teams in the country before falling home to Pittsburgh 71-70 in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. After that, Northwestern University played a non-D1 opponent, Quincy, and then upset Sparta to start Big Ten Play.

With three of the first four contests in conference play at the meetinghouse, it’s imperative that Indiana get off to a strong start with a brutal game starting January 7th in Wisconsin.

Meet Wildcats

Chris Collins, in his eighth season at Northwestern University, has failed to sustainably succeed after leading Wildcats to the first and only NCAA tournament in 2017. Northwestern University has been eliminated for three consecutive seasons, reaching 13-45 at Big Ten. Over the last three seasons.

Wildcats Selected to finish last at this year’s Big Ten Media Pollster ConferenceBut after Sunday’s victory over Sparta, it looks more scary than expected.

Second grade point guard Boobuye He was selected as the Big Ten Player of the Week after dropping 30 points in a 5-6 3-point shot at Michigan State University. Former Pennsylvania State University Taller Battle’s half-brother, Buyer, fought an injury last season but got off to a strong start in the second season. 15.2 points per game leads Wildcats, and he shoots 48 percent in 3 seconds. Buyer also offers 5.6 assists per game. Hot 3-point shoots are a team-wide theme at Northwestern University, as Wildcats are 57 out of 131 (43.5%) in the first five games.

Northwestern University Guard Depth Improved with Addition of William & Mary Transfer Chase Audige And freshmen Tayberry.. The 6’4 audige has started all five games, averaging 13.2 points, but struggling to shoot. Audige shot only 23.3 percent in 3 seconds in 30 attempts and only 36.9 percent overall from the field. Berry, a 6-foot-3 freshman, plays 18 minutes off the bench, averaging 10.6 points per game with 57% 3-point shots.

Audige and Berry’s arrival pushed senior guards Anthony Gaines On the bench. Gaines played only 10 games last season due to a shoulder injury at the end of the season and has 30 career starts. He is an below average 3-point shooter, 26.7% in his career, but a talented defender and a wealth of Big Ten experience.Junior guard Ryan Greer I’ve been playing for 17.8 minutes from the bench, averaging 2.8 points and 3 assists per game.

Northwestern University front court is occupied by a trio of juniors Mirror cup And Pete Nance With sophomore Lobby Belan.. The cup is a 3-point shooter with a career of 38.3 percent, and his size with 6 feet 7 wings makes it difficult for him to play against small guards. Copp was second in the team with 14 points per game and tried the team’s best 26 free throws. This shows that he is more than just a spot-up shooter.

Former Top 100 new hire, Nance, was disappointed in the first two seasons, but seems to recognize his potential in the third season. He is a team-leading rebound with 8.2 points per game, scoring 15 points and 12 rebounds with a Michigan State University victory. Nance believes that defending Trace Jackson Davis will get the first crack. The 6’9 Belan can vacate the floor and is 7-of-15 in 3 seconds throughout 5 games.

After starting all 31 games as a freshman Ryan Young Off the bench, but still productive in 14 minutes per game. The 6’10 Young has averaged 8.2 points and 5.8 rebounds so far, using nearly 30% of Northwestern University’s possessions while on the floor.

Game key

•• Protect the 3-dot line: Northwestern University generates 36.6 percent of points from 3 points ranked 50th in the country. Wildcats is trying 26.23 pointers and making 11.4 per game. So far, 3 different players have created at least 10. Indiana needs to set the tone early so that Wildcats who aren’t playing the game away from Evanston aren’t comfortable with their surroundings.

•• Limit sales: Defensively, Northwestern University hasn’t forced many turnovers, and Archie Miller has adjusted its turnover goal per game from 12 or less last season to 10 or less this season. Rob Finize was sometimes invisible in terms of scoring, but did a solid job of carrying out the attack and caring for the ball. Phinisee has only 7 turnovers in 7 games.

•• Slow down Buie: The buoy is bright red beyond the 3-point line, but shoots only 40% in 2 seconds. Indiana should aim to push him into the midrange as much as possible. Finize probably starts with a buoy, but it’s not surprising that Alderram Jr. and Armarn Franklin meet him at different times of the night.

What will happen

Is Northwestern University as good as playing against Michigan State University? Or is Northwestern University a team that blends in with a one-point loss against the pits? The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

Wildcats has definitely improved guard play, but how do you handle the guards of Big Ten’s best front court players? The Michigan State University Bigs had no show on Sunday, but not necessarily for players such as Luca Garza, Jackson Davis, and Coffey Cockburn.

KenPom’s prediction is seven times higher in Indiana, with a 74% chance of winning Hoosier. The number of sagarins is also seven, like IU, and as of Wednesday morning, the Vegas line supports Hoosiers at 8.5.

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Expectations: Northwestern-Inside the Hall Expectations: Northwestern-Inside the Hall

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