Expedition: Rome crosses Rubicon in January

The Expeditions series are mixed or half-baked bags, but each new entry remains thick with potential. Expedition: Rome There is no difference. A vast 50-hour RPG where you can lead the Roman Legion in “Greece, Egypt, Goal”. Currently, the release date is January 20, 2022, with a new trailer below.

Expedition: Rome offers an “alternate history setting”. In this setting, he plays Legatus, who was forced to flee Rome. You can use military force or “silver tongue” on your trip, and your decision will affect not only your own path but also the Roman path.

It was like a much more ambitious game than its predecessor Nate was watching the Expedition: Rome Earlier this year. He was most excited about the job of leading your Roman Legion.

Obviously, this is not a Total War game. Well, you want Total War for that. However, the logic artist seems to be really devoted to the army management side of the game. The hub of each act of the game is a military camp that actively manages and upgrades while deciding where to send soldiers.

Some decisions will buff your party directly, while others will have broader consequences. For example, the strength, deployment, and behavior of a unit in a region can change the interaction between a character and an NPC in an unimaginable way.

Nate also used the pun “It’s the people of Gallia!”. But that would probably disqualify his opinion.

I like a little turn-based combat, a little history, and a little squad management. If anyone can promise that I won’t end up being stabbed 23 times, I’ll try Rome.In the meantime, there are more screenshots and trailers If you are interested on Steam..

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