Experts say knee replacements have dropped by 40% due to a pandemic

In addition to diabetes and other comorbidities, older people with pre-existing arthritis and osteoporosis also experienced debilitating and painful symptoms during Covid.

“The evolving infectious Covid pandemic poses new challenges to the surgical management of arthritis. Personal observations show a 40% reduction in alternative surgery and further delays in rescheduling planned surgery. It has been suggested, “said Dr. L. Tomar, director of orthopedics. , Delhi’s Max Super Specialty Hospital told IANS.

That is because they were unable to perform regular follow-up with their doctor, continue dosing, and maintain regular exercise and gait routines due to blockade. According to Dr. Subhash Jangid, director and unit director of the Osteojoint Institute at the Fortis Memorial Institute in Gurgaon, this leads to a decrease in muscle strength and bone strength and progression of the disease.

This includes resistance to consultation due to blockade restrictions, social pressure to stay home to avoid Covid exposure, fear of affecting family members, and reallocation of resources in hospitals. It greatly contributes to the delay and start of timely management. For arthritis and osteoporosis.

According to experts, Covid vaccine diplomacy and early vaccine hesitation also contribute to fear psychosis in both the educated and uneducated masses.

Delays in surgery have made many older people unsuitable for surgery, Jangid said.

“Lower chest compliance, impaired exercise tolerance, thrombotic episodes, susceptibility to secondary infections, and poor heart health significantly increase the risk for older people planning elective surgery. The procedure. ”

Experts have urged people to treat their knees in a timely manner, as walking with a deformed and painful knee can damage the spine to an irreparable stage. Poor athletic performance and reduced physical activity can cause other illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, which further exacerbate the condition.

Source: IANS

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