Explain why Batman’s director is behind Pattinson’s eyeliner

Batman’s Robert Pattinson’s dramatic eyeliner may have been frowned upon, but Matt Reeves says it fits his vision.

Batman Director Matt Reeves explains the creative reasons behind Robert Pattinson’s dramatic emo-style eyeliner.When Batman, The iconic DC hero Is getting another big screen restart. This could redefine how the viewer sees him. The film was initially set up for Ben Affleck to repeat the characters and become part of the DCEU, but when he left the role, Reeves and Pattinson boarded. now, Batman It takes place in a universe separate from the DCEU and focuses on Bruce Wayne’s investigators in a series of horrific murders.

Following Affleck and Christian Bale, Pattinson has some big shoes to meet when it comes to playing Batman. There was some backlash in his first casting, but most of the time, many fans are excited to see him take on the character he loves.The topic has been positive since the first release Batman trailer, Pattinson’s batsuit previewed, Voice, and make-up. Yes, it’s make-up. Pattinson’s blues wear magnificent emo eyeliner at various points in the film.

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Reeves recently described in an interview with the thought process behind the dramatic eyeliner. Esquire.. Some fans may be surprised to see Bruce look darker, but Reeves said it was shot with the image it gives off. It speaks to Batman’s overall theatrical character. He said:

“You can’t wear a cowl, you can’t wear it. All Batman wear it. I loved the idea of ​​taking off. [the mask] Below that is the sweating and dripping to become this character, and the overall theatrical character. “

Batman TV Spot Revenge Batman Robert Pattinson Mask

It may be true that all previous on-screen Batman actors wore eyeliner while wearing a cowl, but it was never so visible. For Pattinson.. It’s a bold look, and as Reeves said, it leads to the dramatic side of Batman. The dirty eyeliner gives the impression that Bruce is really summoning the character when he slides the cowl and cloak.Since then Batman Although it seems to be a deep exploration of Bruce’s spirit, this extra reasoning for his eyeliner makes sense, showing that Reeves puts a lot of thought into Bruce’s actions. increase.

in the meantime Batman Focus a lot on Bruce himself.This movie is from Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) Penguin (Colin Farrell).. Even without participating in the DCEU, Reeves has created a developed country to be explored in the future. Batman Movies and spin-offs. In fact, Pattinson has already drawn his arc for future films, so he put in as many thoughts as Reeves had. Fans can see this new Batman appear in less than two months, and then they can decide how they feel about him-eyeliner and everything.

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Explain why Batman’s director is behind Pattinson’s eyeliner

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