Explain why CD Projekt didn’t delay Cyberpunk 2077 again

CD Projekt said the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10 did not feel any unusual “external or internal pressure”, and the decision not to delay the game was, at least in part, ” I definitely didn’t spend it. ” Enough time to see the compromised final generation version. ” The company also explains that “theoretically” it could have been possible to release the game only on a PC. An unplanned investor call asked if senior members of CD Projekt feel they need to release the game by 2021. Michael Nowakowski, SVP of Business Development, replied: “I can’t say I felt any external or internal pressure launched that day other than the normal pressure typical of a release.”The game’s base PS4 and Xbox One versions have major issues, and many have explained why CD Projekt Red didn’t delay the game even further, not to mention the permanent bugs in the upgraded final generation, next generation, and PC versions. I’m wondering. The previous three delays (especially the first two were celebrated by many fans for showing their dedication to creating sophisticated products) In fact, Nowakowski says how much the company has some versions of the game. It seems to mean that it simply didn’t know if it was broken “As mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at the performance of the PC and the next generation, not the current generation. We have it. I didn’t spend enough time to see. “

As part of the same question, the board was asked how the game passed certification on Xbox and PlayStation. This seems to be trusted by console companies. “When it comes to the authentication process and third parties, this is definitely on our side. I think they trusted to fix it at the time of release, but it was clearly not exactly the same. Plan. Street “In another question, the board was asked if the company was able to release the PC version of the game on December 10th and delay the release of the console. “In pure theory, if you had decided that it was one day before the launch, you might have released just the PC version,” says Nowakowski. He didn’t go into further detail about when those discussions took place. However, Nowakowski revealed that it was impossible to release a next-generation-only version with the PC.

“”[Next-gen consoles] I haven’t been able to decide to “switch” lately because I get a completely different version of the game. That is, change the old generation version to the next generation version and release only to the next generation-gens. As you’ve noticed, there are no native next-generation releases. The game will run in the next generation and take advantage of next-generation performance, but we didn’t decide to get the next-generation version and put it on the shelf. “

CD Projekt yesterday officially apologized for the substandard version of the game released on PS4 and Xbox One and notified customers that they could apply for a refund. After receiving the console version of the game late, I published a 4/10 review of the base console version. “Even when playing on low-end hardware, we can’t reach the minimum level of technical quality we expect.”

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