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Given that Lacey Evans is involved in a feud with Charlotte, we know why she wants to relax with Ric Flair. You can see how it causes problems for her. But why is Rick in line with that? Of course, there are some obvious answers, but WWE never minded explaining them too much.

Thankfully, Charlie Caruso asked him straight what he was getting. Raw story Last night he gave this story a much deeper hell in his response:

“I’m regaining self-esteem. Charlie, long before you were born, Nature Boy was the reason to think that the business you know is today’s place. It’s all long ago a man named The Nature Boy. Did you see here? I got two of them. When Orton retires, I’ll have three. Not only as the greatest wrestler of all time, but also inducted into the Hall of Fame. So there are four people … here (in my head) I have the knowledge of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and that a great person who is very tired of listening to people is better than me. Then … maybe she does, but I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. So the great ones were trained by hunters at NXT? Well, who do you think hunters loved and grew up with? Who do you think Sean loved to grow up with?

“So I take it all and I’m going to take all this positiveness, stop being humble, tell the dressing room that way, and train her to be the world. Champion. And the world champion of this company. Being gold. You have it for the rest of your life. It’s not like this Rolex watch, I have 30 of them. This (Hall of Fame ring) is what you want and That (title) is what you want. The only way to get there is through hard work. She’s a Marine. She’s not afraid of work, she’s not afraid of time. Aim for money. Excuse me for being like this, but I haven’t done it yet … I’ll notify the dressing room … (Charlotte) has 13 world titles. We’re gonna get it, we’re gonna get it I’m going to start then. And maybe Royal Rumble. I’ll start now. Serving notice. “

What more do you need?

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Explain why Ric Flair is partnering with Lacey Evans Explain why Ric Flair is partnering with Lacey Evans

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