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The fifth and final event is called “Jurassic X-Pricks” and is scheduled for the weekend of December 18-19 due to its proximity to the Jurassic Coastline.

This means that the virgin campaign will run a week later than the originally devised Patagonia Finale in Argentina. Penciller from December 11th to 12th, before COVID-19 travel restrictions result in cancellation..

Championship co-founder Alejandro Agag said the British round was to move away from the remote areas used in the first three rounds of Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Greenland to combat rare perceptions and the climate crisis. I think it shows “a devastating change in our mission.”

Agag said: “I’m very excited about the location of this race, the first event in the UK.

“This move is a devastating change in our mission to race far away to highlight the effects of climate change. The problem we’re talking about is literally happening in the backyard, so it’s appropriate. It felt like a good time. Bring the spotlight home and help the military reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

“When it comes to combustion engines and many other practices, the world needs to move forward and there is no better way to symbolize it than the Jurassic-themed X-Prix.

“Unless we drive climate and sustainability behavior, certain species are at risk of extinction, which can no longer be ignored.”

Following Extreme E’s motto, the mission of legacy projects that benefit the local environment has not yet been announced, but we promise to hold the event only where it has already been damaged by the climate crisis.

Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag at a press conference

Photo: Sam Bagnall / Motorsport image

The round at Bobbington, famous for the Tank Museum, was held in collaboration with the British Army, the Ministry of Defense and Motorsport UK, the race governing body.

The Army and MoD recently announced strategies to mitigate their environmental impact by reducing emissions and expanding the transition to renewable energy sources, including switching to electric armored vehicles.

Maj. Gen. Simon Hatchings, OBE, said:

“The opportunity to work with Extreme E, the world leader in vehicle electrification and sustainable energy production, is very exciting.

“This will allow the Army to share innovative ideas that will enable it to continue to gain a global technological advantage, while at the same time contributing to climate and sustainability goals. “

The Dawset Race marks the home round of three of the 18 drivers (Jamie Chadwick, Kathy Mannings and Oliver Bennett). Meanwhile, Jenson Button, who has been superseded by Kevin Hansen away from the race, may be on the scene to oversee him. JBXE operation.

Button, the 2009 F1 World Champion, adds:

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Extreme E concludes its first season with a British round in Dorset Extreme E concludes its first season with a British round in Dorset

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