F1 2020 launches free trial on PS4 and Xbox One

F1 2020 has released a free trial that allows PS4 and Xbox One players to try out the sim before buying. The trial will show you some of the game’s modes and tracks, and you can test your game’s split screen options.

In this trial, there is a two-player split screen option around the Red Bull Ring in Austria, allowing players to try out the simulation process on this test track and compete with each other. You can also try the new “casual” handling mode here. This makes steering easier and reduces the penalties for rough cornering and driving on the grass. This mode is intended for beginner players who are struggling with the simulation aspects of such games.

My team mode is also represented by trials, allowing players to choose their team and teammates to race on the first weekend of the season. This race will take you to Melbourne, Australia. Hopefully you can continue the rest of the season in full game.

Career mode is not included in the trial and you will not be able to experience online racing.

The full F1 2020 experience features all 22 circuits from the original F1 2020 schedule. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, many of these races were not held this year. It’s like exploring another universe where 2020 looked very different.

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