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F1 champions have done a fast scooter chase to track thieves using Find My.

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel made a high-speed chase on the streets of Barcelona and regained his belongings. The driver remembered leaving a pair of AirPods in his backpack and used the Find My feature to track his belongings.

On Monday morning, the F1 driver was cruising Barcelona with his family after the Spanish Grand Prix. However, shortly after he parked Aston Martin in front of the hotel and got out of the car, the thief had the opportunity to escape from the car with his backpack.

Instead of contacting the police immediately, Vettel jumped on an electric scooter and began using FindMy to chase after the thief. Report the Spanish publication iPadizate.. This must have looked like a movie scene. Police also suggested that Vettel be notified and participated, submitting a report rather than continuing pursuit. However, the driver was able to get the thief’s live location on Find My, and he is reported to have continued to chase.
Eventually Vettel arrived in the Barceloneta district and found AirPods thrown into a vase near the window of a local store. The thief realizes that Vettel is tracking with AirPods, opens his backpack, throws away the AirPods, and seems to have robbed everything else.

An Aston Martin spokesman confirmed the incident on Monday afternoon:

“This morning, Sebastian Vettel’s bag was stolen in Barcelona.” The team confirmed. “He used his iPhone to try to track and find the earphones in his bag. But when he found the earphones, he noticed they were abandoned and therefore his theft. I couldn’t find the sacked bag. “

In a report he submitted, Vettel said he couldn’t see the thieves, but police are waiting for security camera footage from the hotel to identify them. And unfortunately, this is the end of the story and there is no happy ending. Police are wary of stolen backpacks and thieves.

We at PhoneArena have a unique story of luggage being stolen in Barcelona over the years after visiting the Mobile World Congress show in a Spanish city. The thief had to run and catch the same as entering the subway, but obviously theft is still a big problem. So don’t forget to use this as a reminder to keep your belongings nearby when traveling and double-check that the “Find” option is enabled on your Apple device.

F1 champions have done a fast scooter chase to track thieves using Find My. F1 champions have done a fast scooter chase to track thieves using Find My.

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