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The world champion, in line with Michael Schumacher’s record, probably achieved the strongest season in history in 2020 when he barked at the seventh title.

However, some wondered if Hamilton’s success lies in his car and team rather than in pure driver talent.

Talking to about Hamilton’s role in what Mercedes achieved, Wolff said neither the team nor the driver could be chosen as the most important factor.

But he revealed that being a top-line driver is more than just getting going.

“It’s not one-dimensional,” Wolff explained about the car-driver debate. “Formula 1 has always been about the best machine wins and the best guys.

“The best man means the fastest driver, and the most intelligent driver. [He is] Those who understand how team dynamics work, their technical capabilities, and on the other side, themselves in the right context within the organization, rather than like a solar system where everything revolves around the sun. The person watching.

“Similarly, the organization surrounding the driver needs to participate in the absolute A game to provide performance in various areas. This is the engineering, commercial and political side to keep the wheels moving. It means the side and the communication side.

“This is a silver bullet-free business, even within the industry, contrary to what most people think. A small benefit that everything needs to be in the right place for a team to succeed. It is a business centered on. “

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Mercedes and Hamilton are discussing the construction of a new F1 deal this year, with the last deal ending at the end of 2020.

These discussions could last until the eve of the pre-season test, but Wolff says Hamilton did what former teammate Nico Rosberg did in 2016 and isn’t afraid to quit on the spot. ..

“It doesn’t worry me at all because I always respect Lewis’s decision,” Wolff said.

“Is this with us for a long time, or does it mean to leave the sport and pursue different interests? All kinds of curve balls need to be ready to be thrown at us. I think there is.

“But at the same time, we talk a lot and are very transparent to each other. I think we still have more to achieve together.”

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F1: Hamilton doesn’t think the world is orbiting him F1: Hamilton doesn’t think the world is orbiting him

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