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Before the start of the 2020 season was delayed, F1 launched We Race As One to condemn racial injustice and recognize the global battle with COVID-19 and the great promotion of diversity.

Prior to each race, the driver was also allocated time to participate in the anti-racist message, and most of the grid chose to kneel. to consider 2021 plans with drivers and teams in the coming weeks before F1 decides how to use pre-race time to highlight social issues I understand that it is set to.

Domenicali, the newly appointed CEO and President of F1, said it was important to remain aware of social issues around the world that F1 would emphasize through pre-race slots.

“I think it was a very focused point in terms of racism last year,” Domenicali said in an interview with Skysport.

“But diversity and we race together to emphasize the time before the start of the race and use these minutes to emphasize the value associated with this program and this particular subject. I think you will have the opportunity.

“We have in mind not only the end of the season, but also sharing with drivers and teams how we can harness the attention that the F1 world should have towards diversity and We Race As. Is to do one program.

“We will take this moment to help everyone understand that F1 does not live outside this world. F1 wants to play an active role in increasing these values. “

Domenicali says maintaining the message of F1 diversity and anti-racism is “absolutely” a top priority, with drivers becoming more and more involved in social issues and advocating change using the platform. He said he was happy to see.

“Drivers are increasingly aware that they are Formula 1 ambassadors in a different dimension, not only in their technical skills, but also in how they send out the right message in Formula 1,” Domenicali said.

“I think they appreciate it.

“Of course, it’s not our business, so we don’t want to be political, but we want to emphasize the value of society.

“I think young drivers have different understandings and different sensitivities to this subject. We choose it because it will be a very important message that Formula 1 has been and will continue to be the protagonist. I think. Subject. “

We Race As One is F1’s leading platform for corporate social responsibility, extending its commitment to improving sustainability and zeroing its carbon footprint by 2030.

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F1 needs a “active role” to highlight social issues F1 needs a “active role” to highlight social issues

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