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One of the first moves made by F1’s new owner Liberty Media in 2018 was to move the sport from the start of the race at 2:00 pm to later slots.

I felt it was better to shift back the race after 2pm to boost American TV viewers.

In addition, the broadcaster can schedule the pre-race show to start just before the action begins, so I found it useful for the broadcaster to start the race 10 minutes after the time.

Read again:

At that time, the F1 statement said: “Some stations usually broadcast exactly on the hour, losing the tension and emotion that characterizes the minutes before the start of each Grand Prix.

“This change allows TV viewers to get closer to the team and drivers and fully enjoy the sights provided just before the red light goes out.”

The race start at 3:10 pm was also less favored within the F1 circle, as there was no evidence of dramatic changes in the behavior of the television network.

With the growing demand for pre-race ceremonies such as the national anthem and the #weraceasone exhibition, the start at 10am for an hour complicated the timing of the pit lane exit and the pre-race ceremony.

As recently reported, this issue was discussed with the team and there was support to revert to the previous start time regime. F1 objected to going to the original 2:00 pm race start slot.

From 2021, most European races will start at 3pm, but not all races will start at 3pm and Bak will get a 4pm slot.

The opening round of the Bahrain Grand Prix will begin at 6 pm and the night races in Singapore (8 pm) and Saudi Arabia (7 pm) will start later than usual.

Canada, Japan and the United States start at 2:00 pm and Mexico gets the earliest time of the year at 1:00 pm.

F1 also confirmed that Friday’s practice sessions were reduced to two one-hour sessions.

date Grand Prix Qualifying Race
GMT time GMT time
March 28 Bahrain * 15:00 15:00
April 18 Italy-Imola 13:00 13:00
May 2 TBC 13:00 13:00
May 9 Spain 13:00 13:00
May 23 Monaco ** 13:00 12:00
June 6 Azerbaijan 18:00 18:00
June 13 Canada 13:00 13:00
June 27 France 13:00 13:00
July 4th Austria 14:00 14:00
July 18 Great britain 13:00 13:00
Aug. 1 Hungary 13:00 13:00
August 29 Belgium 13:00 13:00
September 5th Netherlands 13:00 13:00
September 12 Italy-Monza 12:00 12:00
September 26 Russia 13:00 12:00
October 3 Singapore 06:00 05:00
October 10 Japan 21:00 19:00
October 24 We 19:00 19:00
October 31st Mexico*** 18:00 17:00
November 7th Brazil 06:00 06:00
November 21 Australia 16:00 16:00
December 5th Saudi Arabia 13:00 13:00
December 12 Abu Dhabi 13:00 13:00

* Daylight Saving Time begins Saturday night / Sunday morning in the UK / Europe
** Monaco’s FP1 and FP2 will be held on Thursday
*** Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night / Sunday morning in the UK / Europe

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F1 reveals new race start time for 2021 F1 reveals new race start time for 2021

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