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Following a long push to introduce some sort of race weekend format change, F1 received “wide support” from the team This year we will be hosting three sprint races to set the grid for the final Grand Prix.

We will be racing 100km in Canada, Italy and Brazil, qualifying in the usual format on Friday and setting up a grid for sprint events.

At the last F1 Committee meeting, it was agreed to form a working group outlining the exact details of the sprint race to clarify the payment of points and prizes and how it affects driver contracts. I did.

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Andrew Green, technical director of Aston Martin, explained that there are still some areas that need to be clarified technically before the team can provide full support.

“We need a set of regulations, but we don’t have a set of regulations yet,” says Green.

“We saw a suggestion that most teams agreed to consider, but the devil is in detail and the details haven’t been shattered yet.

“There are a lot of points to discuss. You can think of quite a few things from the top of your head, such as changing cars between events and how much you can change.

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin, Andrew Green, Aston Martin F1 Technical Director

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“Brakes, can the brakes be replaced? More importantly, what about the power unit assignments? We are a kind of lock-in and the engine is designed for a particular type of season , Dynamo approved-and leaving it for a period of time will be a significant challenge.

“So there’s a lot to discuss. There’s a lot of detail to sort out. I think there’s a general willingness to make it happen. But as I said, the devil has more details here. It is in. “

The team has tentatively supported the plan, but the drivers weren’t very enthusiastic and many weren’t sure about the rationale behind the proposal.

Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel was the loudest opponent ever. Sprint racing says it’s “meaningless” for F1 You can get your attention from the Sunday event.

Team boss Otmar Safnauer reiterated Green’s feeling that the final rules had to be put on the table before giving full support, but was afraid that Vettel could devalue Sunday’s Grand Prix. ..

“For us to do sprint races, it’s most important to avoid the rules,” Szafnauer said.

“If the rules are not correct, the car is already designed and manufactured and can endanger the main race of the sprint race.”

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F1 Sprint Race Plan still has problems to solve F1 Sprint Race Plan still has problems to solve

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