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Facebook passes decision on Trump ban to oversight committee Reuters

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(Reuters)- Facebook Inc (NASDAQ :) said Thursday that it has referred to an independent supervisory board a decision to suspend the account of former US President Donald Trump indefinitely.

Mr. Trump will remain suspended while the board of directors, a recently established body that can overturn the company’s decisions regarding content, is considering the decisions.

Facebook has blocked access to Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts because of concerns about further violent anxiety following the January 6 raid on the US Capitol by former presidential supporters.

“I’m very confident in our case,” Nick Clegg, head of global affairs at Facebook, told Reuters. “Looking at the circumstances in which we made that decision, looking at our existing policies, I am very confident that anyone who is rational will agree.”

“But of course, this is a decision that has been a hit all over the world,” he added. This is the first time the company has blocked the current president, prime minister and head of state.

Facebook didn’t ask for a quick review, so the board said it accepted the case on Thursday, making a decision and Facebook has up to 90 days to act on it. A spokesman for the oversight committee said it was likely to be faster.

The administrator of Trump’s Facebook page has the option of submitting a written statement disagreeing with Facebook’s decision.

Facebook also urged the Board to provide recommendations on when or should political leaders be blocked. Facebook does not need to act on this recommendation, unlike the Board’s litigation decision intended to be binding.

The Oversight Committee, which currently has 20 members, was created by Facebook in response to criticisms of the handling of problematic content.

“That’s why we’re here. Instead of leaving these decisions to Facebook leadership, we actually use a supervisory board to consider this in a principled way,” said the board of directors. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, chairman and former Prime Minister of Denmark, said. Minister.

The Board, which has been criticized for delays in launch and restrictions on remittances, has not yet decided on the first series of proceedings.

Facebook said when Trump was suspended, the block would last at least until Trump’s presidential term ended, and perhaps indefinitely. Trump’s term expired on Wednesday when Joe Biden took office.

Twitter Inc (NYSE :) has stopped playing cards permanently.

“Crystal-Clear Link”

Mr. Trump wasn’t informed before Facebook decided to suspend him indefinitely, Mr. Craig said.

“It was a controversial decision because he was President of the United States, but it wasn’t really a complicated decision,” he said, adding that he felt there was a “clear connection” between Trump’s words. It was. And people’s actions in the Capitol.

Facebook and other social media companies have been accused of violent rhetoric and false election information on the platform, including Trump and its allies. That criticism only increased around anxiety in the Capitol. The Houses of Parliament have also been instigated and organized on social platforms.

When asked if Facebook would be partially responsible for the actions that caused the Capitol raid, Craig said, “I accept that there are always people who say they knew this would happen. I dare say that. I don’t think it’s easy like that. ”

He said he did not expect other major policy changes as a result of recent events.

“I … I don’t want to raise the expectation that we need to make very important course modifications and apply them for one event. Because we are a global company with global standards. It also needs to be applied to other parts of the world, “he said.

Facebook passes decision on Trump ban to oversight committee Reuters Facebook passes decision on Trump ban to oversight committee Reuters

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