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Fact Box-A major US company that Reuters mandates masks and vaccines

© Reuters. File photo: Twitter office in New York after a masked person announced that he would immediately close the reopened office in response to updated CDC guidelines in the event of a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Mann. I am walking.

(Reuters)-Companies are vaccinated with the resurrection of COVID-19 cases in the United States by Delta Variant and new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which requires fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks. And masking plans.

Below are some of the companies that have taken action according to the CDC guidance.

Company behavior

Walmart (NYSE :) Inc Revives Maskman Dates for US County Workers

He said he was at risk of COVID-19 infection and needed corporate staff

Get vaccinated

Apple Inc (NASDAQ :) Masks are required at most retail stores in the United States

the goal Corp (NYSE :) Mandatory masks for employees and recommended masks for everyone

Customers in areas at high risk of infection

Home Depot Inc (NYSE :) Mandated employees, contractors and vendors to wear all masks

Stores, distribution centers, office locations, customers

Home regardless of vaccination status.Also to the customer

Please wear a mask in the store

Alphabet (NASDAQ :) Inc All employees step into the office

Extended telecommuting policy until October 18th

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ :) Mandatory vaccinations for all employees to enter the office

Twitter Inc (NYSE :) Closed reopened office and suspended future office reopening

Lyft Inc (NASDAQ :) Mandatory vaccinations for employees returning to the office

Postponed office reopening from September to February

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ :) Mandatory cast and crew vaccination in all US productions (NYSE :) Mandated vaccinations for employees to return to some of them


Wolt Disney (NYSE :) Inc Starting July 30th, all guests are required to have masks.

Indoors, regardless of vaccination status, and all

Salary and non-union hourly wage US employees working in one of them

The site is fully vaccinated

LinkedInCorp Allows most employees to choose full-time remote work as an office

Gradually restart

US car makers General Motors (NYSE :), Ford Motor (NYSE :), Stellantis NV

Wearing masks in all US factories, offices and warehouses,

Regardless of vaccination status

McDonald’s Corp (NYSE :) All McDonald’s customers and staff begin to wear masks again

In a US restaurant in a high or substantive area

Infection with or without vaccination

Morgan Stanley (NYSE :) Staff and clients cannot enter the bank New York

Office when not fully vaccinated

The Jeffreys (NYSE :) group allows only fully vaccinated individuals to enter the office.

Events held outside the office

Uber Technologies (NYSE :) Inc has all employees stepping into the office

Postponed return to office worldwide to late October

Tyson Foods Inc (NYSE :) Mandated employees to be fully vaccinated

Gap Inc (NYSE :) Employee entering an office building in the Bay Area of ​​New York

Albuquerque hubs must present vaccination evidence from September 7th

Pfizer (NYSE :) inc All US employees and contractors must be vaccinated.

Participate in the weekly COVID-19 test

Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ :) All employees, vendors and guests

COVID-19 vaccination to enter the company’s US building

United Airlines Inc has imposed full obligations on all U.S.-based employees

Vaccinated against COVID-19 and showing evidence of vaccination

JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE :) Mandatory masks for US office employees

Of their vaccination status

Senten (NYSE :) Corp All employees are required to show proof of vaccination.

Take regular COVID-19 tests and always wear a mask during your stay

Company office

Caterpillar Inc (NYSE :) Employees, Supplier, and

Visitors to company facilities regardless

Vaccination status

A must-have mask for Deere (NYSE :) & Co employees, suppliers and visitors

Institutions regardless of vaccination status

Fact Box-A major US company that Reuters mandates masks and vaccines Fact Box-A major US company that Reuters mandates masks and vaccines

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