Apart from public relations, quality assurance and publishing heroes Falconia There are few credits. Music and sound design (Benedict Nichols), voice director (Mickey Goodman) and cast, console development (Stephan Winker), original song (written and played by Sherry Diane), and special I am grateful. The best explanation for the sights and smells that have just drifted is “created by Thomas Sarah.” Games developed more or less by a single soul are by no means great, but they usually offer reports of someone’s obsession, like a wartime dispatch. Paper, please And Return of the Obra Dinn Both stick to the failure of bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is a flimsy tool that seeks order and sifts through turmoil. blade By the time I get home, I regret the tenacity of nostalgia, and I can hardly play without rushing past mistakes. allIn the meantime, it was all about. So what happens to Thomas Sarah’s head? In a word, a bird.

The world is primarily the ocean, a huge mass of boiling blue that appears to change to green, gray, and black depending on mood swings. Cut upwards from the depths are small jagged towns and cities, gathered on cliffs and struck by the wind. Life is on the rock. Various homes and loyal people scramble for supplies as oil-based ships fly out of the fog. You are the one who moves the surface of the water. Freelancers do a strange job for payers, thanks to the mode of transportation they choose (peregrine falcons, almost car-sized and ready for combat). Thanks to the battery rack fixed to the wings of the poor creature, you can loosen the lightning bolts of your enemies. (It feels good to charge these cells by jumping into a cloud of ink-dark storms and sucking up internal shocks.)

Falconia It consists of these aerial battles, mainly fighting leather-like pirates who ride their falcons, stop on giant glowing insects, and fire from galleons into the sky. The controls are bird-sensitive, bend with just a touch of the stick, and take some time to be comfortable. A dive downwards fills the falcon with refreshing energy. This energy is used to perform a forward boost, a strong wing beat, or an evasive barrel roll. As a variety, there are mines that can be pulled out of the waves and dropped like bombs.

Aerial dog fighter is a genre that enjoys movement with its hiding and looping. Still, it is completely frozen, with one person stuck on the central screen, swaying and tilting in place, and momentum is only shown by a landscape that rolls up like a back projection. This strange contradiction between speed and tranquility is perfect for the ideas you play. In the midst of life, delicate machines and mortal beasts ring their claws, and in the sky that collapses momentarily, grace and death are mixed. Notice, in flames. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a shining gem of this genre. Panzer Dragoon And Star fox To Rogue squadron The series has been researching quick and dead, dressed in fur, feathers, scales, or steel.

Sarah is not. Instead, we get mythical swells and churn. It plunges under the mysterious details of the fathom and only pokes as it passes. You can hear a mysterious woman roosting on a particular mountaintop and narrating a lore mass with a feather-like tone. And where the sea breaks up as if Moses had visited, there is a spectacular sight, like Moses, a mysterious bay littered with rocks and debris. We read the message at the beginning of the game, “Only the wings of a falcon will free us from the water that binds us,” but we are also free from the bindings of the inside story. The obsession comes in an intriguing clash, as a glimpse of Sarah’s opaque history is captured by the wings and left underneath.Much more than battles that become less attractive with repeated tides after the first few hours Falconia It is that proposal that we may be shaped by our story, but they do not fix us, the mere act of living is to escape from the past. You are not free when passing through salty air over the bubbling pewter sea. You are present

Developer: Thomas Sara

the publisher: Wired production

Available on: Xbox Series X [reviewed on] / S, Xbox One, PC

Release date: November 10, 2020

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